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I am so lonely. Can anyone cure my loneliness? The only thing that makes my day happy is surfing and posting in other forums.

Hi guys.

"But we two could be lonely together!"

"Why? Wouldn't that be twice as horrible?"
"This post felt like somebody dropped acid on my brains. Would not write again."
It's hard not to feel lonely when there is poor connection with loved ones. It hurts to have to accept that you will have to gain your needs for interaction with friends who have grown beyond their own issues...

I resent seeing myself as a victim, and having to manage my inner workings to accomodate others around me so that they're happy. If they are happy, then so am I, but it comes with give and take. Sometimes though, it feels as though the scale is tipped. However, I will stay grateful for my blessings, despite the grayness of being ignored.

I gave my poetry presentation today and did very well. I was quite nervous, but just told myself to "just read it. Just read it", and it worked. That's what I did. When I came home, everyone was doing their own thing and ignoring eachother. People were grumpy and bored. The house was a mess. No one has asked me how my presentation went, and I suppose I feel disappointed.

Thanks to this thread though, I feel a bit better after writing this. Sorry to dump!! Smile
I'm glad it went well for you Smile Maybe you could share some of your poetry sometime. No pressure Toungue
@ Resolve - If this isn't a place to dump, rant, whine, or make attempts to socia;ize... then I am in the wrong place.

I am glad to hear that your poetry presentation went well and encourage you to continue that good work. /agree with Mintymint, should you find the time and/or courage I would love to read your works. In fact, I started a thread yesterday for poetry ("Generic poetry thread")... so far I am the only one to post there and my poems usually filled under "fecal matter" in most file cabinets, but it makes my feel less empty to express myself through it. Feel free to add to that one.
I don't know that I'd make a good soldier
I don't believe in being violent and cruel
I don't know how to fight, but I'll draw blood tonight
If somebody tries hurting you
Thank you Mintymint and ssbanks2000 for encouraging me to write my poetry here, I will do that yes. ssbanks2000, I read your poem last night and repped you on it because I thought it was great. Yes, this is the place to rant, I just always feel bad when I complain, but I'll let loose eventually, lol.
Hi, my son told me "google is your friend" look for people with the same issues.
I then find you guys. I am over 55 and in one of these "affordable" housing buildings in NJ. Just moved here 10 months ago to be close to me eldest son.
The younger is trying to find a job so he can move out too.
I developed fibromyalgia and my 30 year marriage to a brit ended. He could not handle it....JERK. 'cause I could not give him the sex he wanted, he wanted a divorce. What is it with men and sex?? Menopause should be repronounced Men on Pause. This place is like a frickin kindergarten! You sneeze and 1/2 hour later they have you with pnuenomia . They gossip and make shit up about everyone. I am one of the youngest here and certainly the most attractive..most of them are 70-80. I HATE them all. I want to just tell them where to get off. I am ready to go back to my former state
where I have good friends.
Sure I get to see my son and his wife more often..once every month or so instead of once a year at Christmas.
I am so lonely! I don't want to take care of another man. Just honest friends who are not jealous or stab you in the back. One gal I thought was a friend
is now mad at me and will not tell me why. She just says I said something and embellished the "story" to make it more interesting?!?!?!?!
What the hell.
So I have lost that friend now.
Welcome to the site. It sounds like things have been pretty difficult. Look around and make yourself at home.
Thanks. Getting old is a bitch. The thing is people usually think I am at least 10 years younger than I am, I feel so out of place. I am so afraid to talk to will get twisted around then I get in trouble. Is it worth it? I have great friends back in NE. My my son is here...I feel lost...Both my boys say to just hang in there, things change..Maybe when these old biddies die! Sorry, that was nasty). I just think that these um..lady's kids just rop them off here cause it is cheaper than a nursing home. There is no vitality, no energy, and it is zapping mine........................
Hi Cristinaann, welcome to ALL Smile
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