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Movies A-Z
Much like the "Songs A-Z" thread, just list movies alphabetically. However, for movies that start with "A" or "The" you must move to the first letter of the next word.

So, "The Mighty Ducks" would be used for the letter M, not the letter T, and so on.

This makes it just a wee bit more challenging. Wink

Okay, I'll start:

(A) Astronaut's Wife, (The)
Is hoping that common sense will make a comeback.

[Image: ROBOT_CHICKEN_use_other_door-1.jpg]


(B) Back to the Future Part 2
Sometimes I feel like a nut. Sometimes I don't.
© Chariots of Fire (1981)
(D) Deliverance (1972)
The Eagle Has Landed
[F] Frog-g-g
(G) The Godfather

(this could get interesting when we get to the three extra letters in the norwegian alphabet lol)
(I) Idle Hands
Be my friend / Hold me, wrap me up/ Unfold me/ I am small and needy/ Warm me up and breathe me
Given a chance, I'm gonna be somebody
If for one dance, I'm gonna be somebody
Open the door, it's gonna make you love me
Facing the floor, I'm gonna be somebody

Joe's Apartment

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