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What Book(s) are you Reading?
Candide, by Voltaire. I'm really feeling the old classics these days.
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A book of dreams. Peter Reich.

I finished this recently but it went pretty well over my head?
Just ordered some books today, The Dark Tower (1-8), Hitchiker's guide to the galaxy (1-5) and H.P. Lovecrafts Necronomicon, not sure about the last but wanted to try something "classic", right now I'm not reading anything though Toungue
Dolores Claiborne - Stephen King

Hasn't happened in a while but I'm struggling with this one.
Ivan's War by Merridale Catherine
(12-05-2016, 09:01 AM)Tuathaniel Wrote: Candide, by Voltaire. I'm really feeling the old classics these days.

That's a good book.
The Conquering Tide: War in the Pacific Islands, 1942-44, Volume II of the Pacific War Trilogy - Ian W. Toll

The first volume of this was so good that I abandoned my plan of reading something else before jumping into the second. This guy just has the gift of making history read like a novel, you actually feel like you're there whilst reading it. I really recommend it to anyone interested in the Pacific War. Can't wait for the 3rd volume to be out.
The Everything Christmas Book
Napoleon: A Life - Andrew Roberts
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