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Who here thinks physical attractiveness is the most important?
Since we all suck at relationships or casual sex here, I just wanted to see if it was because we all value physical attractiveness and if we were to lower our standard and go with say a fat or spotty girl/guy we'd get some (more).

Here is my own views on physical attractiveness in a potential mate:

Physical attractiveness is the highest valued and indispensable trait in that 1) I would not be with someone physically unattractive & 2) I would continue to be with someone regardless of their every other trait as long as they were physically attractive. (with the caveat that they also want to be with me and did not want to harm/kill me)

Physical attractiveness is not the most important trait but I do have to say if I don't feel attracted to someone, I won't bother. I've never really gone with someone who is great looking for some reason. I guess because I feel intimidated with them. But there has to be something there that I'm attracted to. Last year, I went with a man that was so nice but he was boring. I guess some women would have found him attractive but it just wasn't there for me. I was so afraid he would try to kiss me lol. He never did though so I was relieved. I stopped seeing him after the second date because I was afraid he would. That was the last date I have been on. I don't even like to bother anymore even though I do get lonely. I never go anywhere anyway so it's just as well.
I never lived with a pyscho bitch before.
I hope you run into my ex-wf and ex-gf...Toungue

I'm attracted to certain type of Judy state, there has to be somtype
of attraction or chemistry. I've been with what I deem as hotties all my life. And by most account other
men deem they're freaken hotties too. Some deem them too fucken hot and invaded my space..%$$#@!!!

At the sametime...freaken most fat women or half ass not all of that are mean to me and wouldn't
even consider me becuase they don't know me or I don't trun them on.
Not all fat or ugly people have charactor.

I've met 2 women in my life that was beautiful on the outside and inside, or
what I deem where the perfect match for me as far as personalities and looks.
The beautiful non-pyscho bitches.
Not all women that looks good on the outside lack charactors..
They both freaken died on me.
The nice ones die and the crazy bitches live....errr wtf ????


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