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Receiving abuse from an ALL member
This has always been a friendly community, and while disagreements do sometimes occur, they are mostly flash in the pan affairs, over before they even really started.

However, just as in real life, not all people behave in the same way. Occasionally, an individual will attempt to threaten those with whom he/she has disagreed, and may offer threats of physical violence, sexual violence, may use derogatory language, may "cyber stalk" and so forth. He/she may do this behind the scenes, in a way that is not even immediately obvious to that person's contacts here on ALL, so that you may be concerned your story will not be taken seriously.

In any situation such as this, please contact one of the moderators. It doesn't matter which one of us. The matter will be treated in the strictest of confidences, and the focus will be on the victim's welfare/wishes. Thankyou.
I've seen this happening more and more and it is certainly disturbing. Bullies are not tolerated here, so please feel free to PM one of the mods if you think you might be being bullied or threatened in some way.
Sorry, this was supposed to be a closed thread - my bad. Given the serious (but thankfully uncommon) concern of the thread, I have retroactively done so.
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