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Lets see the Faces!!!
Administrator's note: Due to the content it asks for this thread falls under the criteria of "Essential" and hereby shall remain as a historical landmark of in the form of a sticky. Thank You, mike3486!

9th of April 2008
- Robin


if you want to of course =). Just curious. Ill go first and break the ice..............

.jpg   Black2.JPG (Size: 12.68 KB / Downloads: 2,054)
Posted a topic a while back... Never got any replies.

But this is my favorite picture of me, the one in the topic:
thats two including me! woo hooo...were on a roll downgrade! =)
[Image: 91215305_2841f973.gif]
me and my youngest
hello lonely2beeme....Thanks , now were up to 3!! =) hehe...okay i gotta crash though, 4.37 AM here.....hope more ppl join in when i wake up...night
my pic from myspace

click for full size - lol[Image: 1261952790_m.jpg]
Thanks Jeremi and Gibo =)..........up to 5!
WHOAH. I'm so guys are HOTTT! I'm serious. Mike...wowza. And Papi, that looks like some sort of sex picture. Grrr. Lol

Seriously surprsied by how cute you all are, Jeremi, etc....Drools. Even though I'm married. I can enjoy the eye candy!

Are the girls in your towns BLIND?!!!
no sh*t!!! i saw the 1st 3 guys and thought what cuties! maks me wish i was just 20 again
then i see number 4 on the bed lol ,make a old girl happy lololol. lonlygirl and myself probably been drooling all night.gibo with looks like yours if your lonely its only cause boys as pretty as you are intimidateing to regular girls and probably attract the wrong kind of girls.cant imagine you
takes one last look at the fellas ...yep i need to move back to america asap!...find a fountain of youth too
Lonely2beeme, Girl we are acting like some Cougars!

All I can say is GRRRR. Seriously. Arent' they some cute young guys? And Gibo looks so sexy lying on that bed in his underwear! lol

Don't you have a crush on Mike? What pretty eyes he has! Mike are you Greek or Italian? I see some sexy Mediterranean thing going on there!

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