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Lets see the Faces!!!
omg... anyway, hopefully mods would be able to uhm.. pose censorship on inappropriate pics..

well anyway, how are you everyone??
Erica Wrote:
gibo Wrote:omg... anyway, hopefully mods would be able to uhm.. pose censorship on inappropriate pics..

well anyway, how are you everyone??

why havent you seen a naked woman before Gibo or Gayboy
ELA - thats why i replied like i did ,not that i didnt know its a spammer
just trying to scold them or get upset is what they want ,i also reported them too earlier Wink and i have ran my own gameing forums before so usually the person with admin cp can see whoever it is makeing the posts and can even bann that persons ip,if this were invisionfree boards i could really help out since i was use to doing them .so hopefully this person ip will be be banned but problem is that we have a postable unregisterd area,also the owner of this site may want to make a few moderators ,mod cp cant acess the admin panel but they can delete offensive posts,edit posts and even lock threads.just a few thoughts
but guys really ........replying or getting angry or shocked is just useless thats what they want.
this is not a forum where u post naked/nude pics..

and i do hope that you'd respect that. thanks.
Hi "Erica,"

You sure have a beautiful body. Funny but those pics of you and your sisters....none of those girls look like you! And that nude shot--that looks more like a professional porn star shot than a candid.


Gibo I think you are super awesome and a gentleman. Unfortunately some losers might come to this place for the purpose of harassing others and the moderator might have to start limiting what unregistered folks can post. I don't see a problem because most people who want to be here sincerely will register.
Thanks to the mods for quick action removing the picsSmile
i want nothing from you erica.

turning a woman's invite isnt a sign of being gay at all. it so happens that i came to this forum for a couple of reasons, and you are deff not one 'em.
funny, ive only been here for a short time, but there are already 2 people here(unregistered) who's tryin to tick me off. haha. no use.

anyway, hopefully, the admin can do something fast.
[Image: me200943905900.jpg]

[Image: me123.jpg]

That's me :-/ No wonder I can't find a girl friend still eh?
That was me by the way. I don't know why it refused to have me post as Rehd. O_o
u look oryt man. ull find ur girl soon enough. ;-)

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