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Lets see the Faces!!!
Hi Tiger. Nice to see a face Smile
[Image: face5.jpg]
Loneliness of spirit is discovered in our depths.
Sometimes, when we least expect it, loneliness freezes us.
Or perhaps it feels like the bottom dropping out of our being.
We feel incomplete, as if something important is missing.
We feel shaky and insecure inside, weak and 'clingy'.
Sometimes this gnawing deficiency makes us want to 'devour' others
—to get as much of them as possible,
to complete our egos by possessing them.
Or we might seek to be supported and protected by others.
Hey, it's X! Nice to see you!
Nice photo. Positive sort of expression.
Both pictures are nice though
Xpendable and syber tiger you both looking good.
   FOR Everything THAT YOU ARE.
[Image: tumblr_oby3r6j9_Ot1u1ksvko2_r2_500.png]

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