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Lets see the Faces!!!
Big Grin[Image: 125ypf.jpg]LOL
(05-30-2019, 11:16 PM)ahsatan Wrote: Big Grin[Image: 125ypf.jpg]LOL

Aww. Now theirs my favourite kinda people. The little animals.  Big Grin. Always loyal, never judgemental.
So true! I love animals! My only friends irl !!
(06-03-2019, 11:11 PM)ahsatan Wrote: So true!  I love animals! My only friends irl !!

Same pretty much. I despise people and society tbh! Just have temporary acquaintances. None of them who I trust as true friends.
I totally understand. I can't stand people and society too!
(05-05-2007, 06:35 PM)lonely2beeme Wrote: [Image: 91215305_2841f973.gif]
me and my youngest
Very cute pic of the two of youSmile
[Image: tenor.gif]

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