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Bullied, can't make friends, men hate me, and I just don't know what to do now...:(
(02-01-2018, 09:29 PM)Paraiyar Wrote: ^did no read Callie's post? Luna's been gone a long time lol...

The one from two years ago or the one from this year?  lol
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Luna probably wouldn't want to read back over that anway.
I'm not sure there's good advice. Kids/teenagers have a feeding frenzy metality when it comes to bullying and rejection. Those situations are so volatile they can't be approached with rational strategies or adult 'coping skills'. It has to gone through,endured. Once people get to late 20s the overall nastiness and outright aggression tapers off rapidly. Former tormentors and general assholes lose interest or realize it's no longer socially acceptable. Most people are 'nice' at the surface level at least. Improving conflict resolution and social skills can make a real difference for someone who's lacking in those areas, which they almost certainly will be after years of bullying and isolation. At this age there isn't much to feel positive about much but at least there isn't that to deal with.

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