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Suggestion for Health and Fitness
Moderator's Note:

Unfortunately, due to the recent technical issues with the forum, we can't create new forum areas at the moment. So, I will "stick" the thread in the top of the "General" section of the forum so everyone will see it. It's the best we can do at the moment.


Suggestion for Health and Fitness

How about it?

It'd be great to have a forum to chat with others and share advice for weight loss tips, weight management, eating healthier, fitness etc.

After gaining a lot of weight from overeating because of loneliness three years ago, I have since lost the weight, and what really inspired me was hearing others' stories and sharing my own experiences on weight loss forums etc.
I'm not too sure what the proper terminology is...if it's forum/ board/ section etc. But I think you get the point...=P
hey that sounds like a good idea,
Sounds good to me.
[Image: 106799.jpg]
(10-27-2009, 11:32 AM)evanescencefan91 Wrote: hey that sounds like a good idea

I agree. It would be nice to see some logs and progress updates from fellow users in the future. A nice idea as well for people looking to become active and in need of some suggestions.

Well i'm 5'10 and 198 lbs, after four weeks of following this book

I am now about 190 lbs. It gives you a routine, tells you what it does etc. i recommend this book to everyone i got it at chapters. Physically, i'm tired, but it's getting easier and easier. My work has a gym so i go there. But joining a gym is easy too, if your like me and little nervous about that just remember "You are Everything...They are nothing!"

As for dieting...lets say i'm terrible at it ha ha but am still seeing results. nothing huge and major but slow and progressive. Only thing i did change, I eat oatmeal every morning and love it actually, keeps me full untill break where i have a granola bar and coffee. than at lunch i eat some rice or a sandwich. I'm a guy who likes his food. so i developed a habbit of eating everything in small bites and ridiculously slow. It's actually helping me to eat less.

Excersize is key so I don't recommend load of diets or going hungry, remember it's a life style change you need, not a temporary solution. I'm still in the beginning of a better life style but i already feel better. and again, that book was a huge help! i recommend it
that sounds like an excellent idea! chatting about who went running today , even though its cold as hell
last time you had soda poles, and weekly health goals for all!

woooohoooooo!!! im in!
Sounds good =]
it sounds like this may be better as a permanent thread rather than like an actual section in the forum...

Dont know why.

Just how I see it Smile
Wii Fitness! I love it. In fact, I'd love a Wii Fit buddy....if anyone's interested. I'm not overweight, quite the opposite, but I'm hoping I can use the Wii to overcome some of the fitness issues from my illness.
"They pretend they're going to always be there for you, and then one day they pack up and move away and take their love with them, and leave their declawed cat to fend for herself. They leave her, wondering what she did wrong." - Mittens

A diet and fitness thread would be awesome. Apologies in advance if I start preaching my no carbohydrates gospel to the world.

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