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Suggestion for Health and Fitness
(02-26-2010, 11:51 PM)Enchantress Wrote: Last Tuesday Ive been to the doctor to get weighed and I found I lost (ok shocking) 5 pounds xD All the dieting and working out is finally giving off .I already look better. And yeah the water thingy is amazing.It also boosts your metabolism.

That's great Enchantress! Keep going Smile
Thanks Soph Big Grin I will.I spent last night though with my friends at chilli's.We had a surprise party for one of my friends and I just couldn't resist ordering a nice big hot and yummy molten chocolate cake with the big bowl of vanilla icecream on top and caramel sauce to top it off Toungue And also a big cuppa nice American coffee. Yummy!! it was deliciouus!! I can still taste that cake haha but we all had that.I thought since I've been so good then I could give myself a treat and have a good time Smile
I just joined a meetup group in my area for a free bootcamp saturday mornings. thought itd be a good way to workout and meet new people Smile
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Good subject, ive started working out a year ago and have already put on 15 kilos of muscle.Big Grin

Got to know alot about the ins and outs of the human body and its response to workouts, so feel free to ask me stuffs.Toungue
I cycle, that's good exercise.
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skiping! i also got a good trainer once a week for $20 a session, gonna start up friday. can't wait to get in better shape Wink
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I think anything in moderation is something to keep in mind. The Hobbits were partial to occasionally smoking and drinking but usually not to excess and were keen on long walks and so the exercise and activity vs "bad things" very good.
Quick supplemental weight loss tip that anyone can do...

First, a little chemistry:

a 'calorie' is the amount of energy required to raise 1 gram (or kilogram, in the case of a Calorie, capital 'C') of water up in temperature by 1 degree Celsius.

Therefor, if you drink a kilogram of water (a gallon works to about 3.5 kilograms I believe, depending on atmospheric pressure) as cold as you can get it, it's going to absorb body heat from your innards. Your body, in turn, will burn energy (ie, carbs and fats) to replenish that energy.

So drink a shitload of cold water. It's good for you anyways.
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resistance training (weights) = muscle growth, through tearing and repairing of the muscle, this is called ADAPTATION, to shift body compostition you must consume less calories then you use, this is done through hard work i'm afraid... Sad
a year ago i swore off fast food and soda and mostly fried food in general. i lost 30 lbs in that year but i have stopped right where im at and have been there for quite some time now. what else can i do with my eating habits to continue to lose more weight? i want to lose like 30 more lbs and ill be right about where im supposed to be in weight.
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