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What is the scariest movie ever?
^ Wanted to put Session 9 on my list as well, but it doesn't have much shocking imagery from what I remember. Psychologically it is gripping though. Therefore a personal favorite of mine.

(10-07-2015, 06:41 AM)beautiful loser Wrote: Irreversible was uncomfortable to watch. The main scene it's known for was ridiculously too long. And the fire extinguisher scene...damn, that was brutal. Watched it one time and never wanted to see it again.

Ditto. I'm a bit desensitized when it comes down to 'general' violence so the extinguisher scene was tolerable, but the dragged out main scene is the exact reason why I'd never watch it again either.
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"Henry: Portrait of A Serial Killer" (1986) is brilliant.

"Halloween" (1978) - because that could actually happen (in short, a man becomes fixated on some random, completely ordinary girl and pursues her with murderous (or worse!) intent and is seemingly unstoppable).
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Just try to hold me.

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The grudge
This movie scared me all time whenever i think about that crawling girl in ceiling.and that scary sound scared me too.
It took years before I could watch alien right through.
Lovely Bone
Prince of Darkness (1987) - Not the scariest of movies but after watching it I had the same reoccuring dream that the people in the movie for about a week so thst freaked me out! Not one of John Carpenter's best but an interesting premise and an Alice Cooper cameo is always good
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Remember watching the movie Braindead with a friend in her room. I was probably 10 years old. She had these pet rats in her room so the smell of those and that movie was just so disgusting. 😑
John Carpenter's In The Mouth Of Madness (1994).

While obviously pretty much Lovecraft-worship, the finalizing punchline, the final scene of that movie screwed me up for about 3 days. Perhaps because I chose to watch it after a bout of insomnia. But that...that, actually challenged me.

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