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Anyone else hate family gatherings?
So today I barely survived a christmas party with my extended family. Nothing makes me feel more alienated than being around relatives I can't even have normal interaction with. They're good people and all, but we've never been close and have nothing in common. Most of my cousins I couldn't even acknowledge being there because we never got to know eachother on a friendly level or even had a one-on-one conversation. When a few of them initiate interaction I feel bad that I hadn't. My aunts and uncles no doubt think I'm strange, shy or a combination of both. For some reason I'm more outgoing around total strangers than I am around these people. I just can't relate to them and don't even know what's going on in their lives to spark an interesting conversation. I feel like all I can do is talk about myself, and that gets old really fast when nothing exciting is going on in my life. Before these get-togethers I feel like an independant, self-sufficient loner... during and after I feel like a timid little kid again like nothing has changed. I just feel so drained and depressed...
Yeah, I used to feel the same way when I was younger. But after me and my closer family moved to Spain we don't make any gatherings cause there's no one living closer. That's a good thing, I always hated my uncles, aunts, cousins and so on... all of them are strangers to me.

Christmas and other "special dates" are like any other day now. I prefer to stay in my bedroom though. My family is so depressing, I don't like to see their empty faces.
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#3 reunions are the worst. No human needs ancient crone-bag aunts coming up and pinching their cheeks, telling them how absolutely precious they are! >.<

But in seriousness, yeah, I try to confine my family gatherings to just my IMMEDIATE family.
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I'm kinda half and half when it comes to family gatherings. Some holidays it'll just be my immediate family and my older brother with his wife and children. Other holidays, it'll be my immediate family and my stepmom's family. Now I like holidays with my older brother and his family because they're actually entertaining. The oldest daughter is a couple years younger than me but we're on good terms. Her boyfriend is pretty cool too (her boyfriend pretty much lives with them). I'm also on good terms with my sister in law. Now when it comes to my stepmom's family, I just want to be alone or stay away from them. I know that they honestly don't like me (I'm basically the result from an affair between my dad and my mom) and that they talk shit about me behind my back. It does bug me but I don't care about it.
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I stopped going to the big family gatherings a long time ago. It was such a relief too. I mean, I don't even know most of these people personally, why should I feel obligated to spend time with them? Nah, my immediate family is more than enough for me.
lol i don't like family gatherings on my dad's side of the family, I really have trouble relating to them and they always pick at me about dieting. I feel like when I'm at a family gathering on my dads side that all my aunts sit and watch everything I eat or drink so I usually don't have anything. They are all very thin, and its like if I eat something at least one of them will come talk to me about the latest and greatest diet tricks and secrets or like the best exercise they've ever done! lol i don't want to talk about that if I'm eating holiday party food. I know they mean well but they have no idea how awkward it makes me feel. I think they are all worried because the one and only heavy relative of that side of the family (besides my dad) passed away due to complications of being really overweight. I feel like they all stare at me like I'm gonna fall over and die any second in thier minds. They say stuff to my dad too but he laughs like they are joking with him, or maybe because he feels awkward too. I like my moms family gatherings though, they don't say stuff like that, its actually like the opposite and my grandmothers like, 'if you don't eat you're gonna get too skinny' LOL how can I be both? I managed to avoid my dad's family Christmas party because I had to work late. Yippy! haha!
hi, this is my first post, I'm new to the forum.
I used to love all types of gatherings but that has changed over the last few years. Now I feel paranoid and uncomfortable, unless I drink.
I've never cared much for family gatherings. My family, like all other people, I've never been really able to connect with.
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Yes, I hate and despise them.
Especially the Christmas one, I really would rather stay at home all day and relax instead of being dragged to my grandmas house and suffering through complete boredom and no one talking to me.
and if they do it's always "how's school?"
thats it, that's all the conversation ever is, never talk about anything else, can't even think of a different generic question, they don't know me and never will.

i'm glad no one ever talks to me, don't want stupid pointless canned conversations with people who couldn't care less about me, i'll save my breath

i don't want to be a part of it, anything, i just want to be left alone, i'm so sick of this family and all it's crap

this year we were supposed to stay at home............and it's looking like that's not going to happen now, fantastic
I like being around my siblings with the exception of my sister...she turned Christian over the past year and started going to church, and I guess doesn't like talking to me anymore because I'm a Pagan Dog or something, heh. No matter. Her boyfriend's a sack of shit anyway and I'd hate to have to go to jail. I can't imagine being around him for more than five minutes without putting a hammer through his skull.

My parents I like seeing now and then, but holidays and birthdays are typically not enjoyable. My stepmom ends up either:

A. Getting hyper-emotional because it's a holiday, and taking some joke or comment the wrong way and getting offended, ruining any pleasantness, or

B. Dwelling on her middle child (Aforementioned sister) not attending the family gatherings and never wanting to see her or let her grandkids see her, and having a fit over it even though any other time she claims to have dealt with it.

I don't deal well with her. And my dad tends to not say anything about it because he's an emotional sap, while my brother/sister who still live at home share my views on the matter. It's one of the big reasons I moved out.
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