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Anyone else hate family gatherings?
Yes, yes and yes! >_< I don't hate them but I really don't like them.. But it's because of my past. I was always the quiet one in the family gatherings and it made me feel very uncomfortable, all the questions they asked etc. Now I don't go to those. Never.
Yes, I hate it so much. But fortunately, my relatives mostly lives in other town. I really hate when there is family wedding, which i must attend.
I really don't like family gatherings either. The aunts, uncles and cousins all grew up in the same region and have years and years of memories to talk about.

I grew up a third culture kid, an ex-pat, born and raised overseas, a USA citizen like my parents but didn't come here 'till I was 17. I wouldn't trade those memories for anything but I've always been the 'outsider' who spoke with an odd accent.

It could have been different if they'd cared to know anything about Hong Kong. But they didn't. And I'm tired of getting the cold welcome from them too.....I've long since stopped going to their "cousins reunions".
Contentment comes from within.  Do not seek it from outside yourself.

I used to love family get togethers but these days it sucks. I'm always the one that feels like I don't belong since I am not married nor previously married. Plus I don't have kids. Heck, even the kids at family get togethers are now having kids.
Hi i'm new here... I used to like family gatherings when my mom's still around but after she was gone i hate them because it's like i go to those gatherings 'by myself' everyone else go there with their family members (mom, dad, often siblings) and always mingle as a group add to that the fact that i'm an introvert. I almost always feel miserable whenever i'm in a social situation where it looks like i need to be the first to initiate a small talk and because of that most of the time i feel like a loser there.. So i always feel lonely and horrible after family gatherings these days.. I don't know the extended family of my guardian so it's like i'm invisible amongst the crowd and i always feel like i don't belong..
Hate them too. The only family I'm close to is my immediate one, and since we lived together for so long we're naturally comfortable together, but external family gatherings I can't stand. I hate that it's expected by some people. I'm finally of the age now where I can say no or just say my true feelings which is that I prefer one-on-ones with family that I get along with or nothing at all. Luckily for me though I have moved abroad so I don't even have to do that.
Yes, I totally dislike family gatherings
[Image: dapulo34998.png]
(12-21-2009, 10:32 AM)Ridin Solo Wrote: So today I barely survived a christmas party with my extended family. Nothing makes me feel more alienated than being around relatives I can't even have normal interaction with. They're good people and all, but we've never been close and have nothing in common. Most of my cousins I couldn't even acknowledge being there because we never got to know eachother on a friendly level or even had a one-on-one conversation. When a few of them initiate interaction I feel bad that I hadn't. My aunts and uncles no doubt think I'm strange, shy or a combination of both. For some reason I'm more outgoing around total strangers than I am around these people. I just can't relate to them and don't even know what's going on in their lives to spark an interesting conversation. I feel like all I can do is talk about myself, and that gets old really fast when nothing exciting is going on in my life. Before these get-togethers I feel like an independant, self-sufficient loner... during and after I feel like a timid little kid again like nothing has changed. I just feel so drained and depressed...

Yes i too hate it and prefer to stay away....i dont know why
I hate most of my family, while most of my family is either completely enthralled by me or completely repulsed by me. So yes, I hate family gatherings. Thankfully, we haven't had one in over 16 years due to some stupid reasons which I'd rather not publicly disclose but it's due to differences in worldview, basically.
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