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Do you agree? "all healthy men have thought of their own suicide." ~Albert Camus.
The pain is deep with the sour stench of failure lingering heavily. soon, the anger, frustation, and life's torment becomes unbearable. Eventually, self destruction is considered. Would you have the strenth to pull the trigger? would you be willing to leave the world behind? Do you have the courage to die when you are too weak to live? Will agony be your final confrontation or would serenity settle in? Does the burden of life shatter at the thought of suicide or does it increase? when you hit rock bottom, would you climb the cliff to succumb to the feeling of worthlessness? do you feel relife at the thought of death? Suicide is not to be taken lightly. Soeveal events msut occur to feel that low in life. If I were suicidal (I'm not though =) ) I would take advantage of those feeligns, for fear itself would no longer shadow me. I would do the most daring of things I have always dreamed of doing, but was afraid to. Vanity would be nonexistent. Suicidal feeligns can end one's dreams, or spark their achievements. Think of the following quote carefully: "All healthy men have thought of thier own suicide," by Albert Camus. Honestly, to an extent, I agree. There were moments in my life where I felt so beaten, I stopped caring about my surroundings. I concentrated on myself and worked on the flaws that I saw, and not what others wanted me to see. Today, I am a strong, confident young woman who will challenge every obstacle that lies within my path. If I cannot overcome that challenge, I simply build a new path. I face life at full speed. I do not slow down for life, life msut stay with me. If I die pursuing a goal, so be it. I, however, will never die from not being able to achieve one.

hmm I donno i sure wish my depressing suicide thought laden days would make me that motivated

i think i could agree with the quote though

everyone has at least utter the phrase i wish i were dead

few people though have thought much beyond that though

everyone has bad days

and i many times it is the current life circumstances rather than just the mentality of one's own
I haven't spoken to "all healthy men" so I can't really agree or disagree.

I can say that suicide has the unfortunate advantage of seeming like an incredibly simple answer to the most complex problem. It's easier than most are willing to admit to fall into that line of thinking.

History seems full of great men and women that often felt they deserved to die. :/

its easy to give up and die. It takes alot of courage to live your life to its fullest potential Smile its worth living
After reading my response again, I think it came off as a little more "Yay for suicide!" than I intended.

My point was how easy it often is to consider. That doesn't make it a smart idea.
My few-and-far-between thoughts of suicide are so ridiculously egotistic and narcissistic that I discount them the second they cross my mind. Toungue

For the most part, I agree with RebeccahSarah33. The braver thing is to face the challenge of life. It's hard to live and easy to die. Who wants to take the easy path? Not I.

"Before you judge someone, try walking in their shoes for a mile. That way, when you judge them, you're a mile away and you have their shoes."

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I also would have no idea what "all healthy men" think. I wouldn't guess that any passing thought is beyond anyone but as far as an active consideration, i would tend to doubt it.
yep, don't know what 'most men' think either. i think there is a distinction between thinking about suicide as an objective subject and contemplating suicide on an internalised emotional level. like the difference bewteen having a shitty day and thinking or saying 'off the cuff', 'damn, what a crap day, think i'll just jump off a cliff' and serious suicide.. what do they call it?.. 'ideation'.. you know, fantasing about it and planning it in detail in your minds eye. the latter seems indicative of an unhealthy perspective pointing at serious underlying emotional/psychological problems.

it is a fasinating topic though, the idea of leaving this plane through your own volition and the methods people use/d throughout history to kill themselves. it's morbid subject matter, but then people are facinated by the dark nature of humans (some, anyway), serial killers and the like..
"This body holding me reminds me of my own mortality. Embrace this moment. Remember; we are eternal, all this pain is an illusion"

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