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Placing a Picture into a Post on
I'm using a mobile cellphone to navigate the forum. Everytime I try to upload a picture into a post it appears as a link to download instead of displaying the picture itself.
How can I do this?
Two ways, ether use the image box provided (the box with the mountains and sun picture on it. If you are able to use that from your phone all you need is the link and paste it.

Or you need to have the image code like this [img] before the link, the the same thing but [/img] after the link .

When you paste the link all you have to do is add the image code above.

So if I have this link and I paste it like so

All that will do is leave it as a link, but if I put the image code before and after it like this
[img] [/img] but without the spaces, I did that so you can see it, you get this.

[Image: dave_zps5ac8a371.png]

Using a photo storage program like photobucket will give you the image code link so you don't have to mess around like that, but since you are using your phone I don't know how easy that would be.
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