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my mind is mess
Just found this site and reading these posts have helped me get my mind off my own problems for the moment. That is benificial because being alone day in and day out not haveing another human being to interact with has only made my battle with self hate harder to fight. All I do is think of all that I have done and has happened to me that has gotten me to the point I am at today. My mind is full of sickness, all the experiences that have left my mind fractured and numb, dead? Can I get rid of them? the ghosts I live with. I live in fear, fear of today, fear of tommrow. If you feel the same then I want to talk to you. How did you become like this? I want to explore how I became like this. I wasn't born like this I know. I am a 22yr female from the northeast.
Hi forsakenfornow,

Welcome to !

I am very happy that the site has helped you get your mind off your own problems for the moment. Nobody was meant to be alone, thus if had no visitors at all, the world would be a better place :-)
"There are no answers. There are only Choices." (From Solaris)
Hi Forsaken,

Please don't be afraid. Fear is from the enemy. Fear is: False Evidence Appearing Real. (FEAR). It's not reality.
If you hate yourself, you need to be in therapy. You need to find a good counselor. I'll try to help you if you need me to--I don't have much money but I did find two good counselors. I look forward to seeing them each week. It lightens the burden considerably.
I do need to see somone about my issues. Right now I have no insurance so I can't. I have seen a few shrinks in the past it was frustrating because I have all this shit bottled up that I want to get out to the professional to see what they think but when I get there I can't express myself so it was almost a compleate waste of money.
Hey dear,

I do have insurance but it is incredibly crappy. Most good therapists don't even accept it. So I explained that my financial circumstances are really bad right now, and I can't pay the full regular fee. They accepted less than half of the regular fee. Trust me! Why don't you PM me your location and I can help you find a good therapist in that area, I'll try to help you out.

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