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The Official ALL Kudos Thread Of Much Rejoicing
No one gives kudos anymore. Club

I'll give kudos to...............all the newbies Smile
Want to talk?  Check out the CHAT ROOM 
[Image: 17vcow.jpg]
I give kudos to all the crazy oldies

So the Angel said: 'Thy phantasy has imposed upon me
& thou oughtest to be ashamed.'
I answer'd: 'We impose on one another ,
& it is but lost time to converse with you
whose works are only Analytics.'

Opposition is True Friendship
I give kudos to everyone, because sometimes, people just need to have some kudos.
Want to talk?  Check out the CHAT ROOM 
[Image: 17vcow.jpg]
I give kudos to Zak. He can read.
I also give kudos to Alyosha. He's brilliant.
Congratulations Lacrecia

[Image: graphic.jpg]
I give kudos to all the people I talk to. You put up with a lotta my shit. You're awesome.
I appreciate your gesture, be it sadness, resentment, anger, or happiness. Thank you.

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