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38 never been in a relationship
Lol, I dunno, I like Frodo's posts Big Grin A troll usually tries to upset people. I find his/her references humorous and light-hearted, yet also genuine in a way. It's just different is all.

(05-08-2010, 09:53 PM)stella Wrote: oh god please don't encourage him/her

Quote:my silliness?? are you for real? have you not read their posts. they are a TROLL!!

[Image: trollface.jpg]
[Image: 34qpcte.png]
It feels like I've been here before
Here to where the animals lay down to die
So we stood alone on a distant shore
Our broken spirits in rags and tatters...

I don't find anything particularly trollish about viewing things through the lens of a book. It's an interesting exercise, actually, making one particular book wholly relevant in life.

Hell, people do it with that great work of fiction called The Bible all the time - don't we all know at least one person who has a Scripture quote handy for any occasion or am I the only one? Why not with The Lord of the Rings?

I don't understand why it upsets Stella so much. At the very worst, Frodo is spamming us with the nefarious purpose of encouraging people to ... *gasp* ... READ A BOOK!
the koran must be a work of fiction too Wink just thought i would put it out there to test the PC police around here.
(05-09-2010, 10:11 PM)Just_Some_Dude Wrote: the koran must be a work of fiction too Wink just thought i would put it out there to test the PC police around here.

It's all fiction. :p
(05-09-2010, 10:15 PM)cheaptrickfan Wrote:
(05-09-2010, 10:11 PM)Just_Some_Dude Wrote: the koran must be a work of fiction too Wink just thought i would put it out there to test the PC police around here.

It's all fiction. :p

Did I ever mention my distaste for fiction? [Image: vnpb2u.jpg]
I don't like the bible and yes i like Lord of the Rings and I don't try to overuse talking about it. I know I am a little bit obsessive over somethings sometimes. I do see a lot of good values in it and I am trying to be a person of good morals and virtues myself. Such values I believe are timeless and transportable. The delivery may change but the intent still there.
I have read other books and I am reasonably well studied. Just know I do spend a lot of time immersed in Middle Earth...
Now now, I don't like the Bible either for the most part, but it has contributed it's share of good things, both in wisdom and the 100 or so bible prophecies that have come true...

And Frodo, I have been contemplating morality as well as tackling all sorts of spiritual and philosophical views since I was a kid and played the game "Ultima 2: Quest of the Avatar" for the NES. Basically you are the avatar and find the runes and stones of virtue and eventually conquer the abyss. As Avatar you must master the 8 virtues to recieve the sword of paradise and the exotic armor.

These virtues are: Honesty, Compassion, Justice, Honor, Spirituality, Sacrifice, Humility, and Valor. These virtues make up one or more of the 3 principles.

Truth: Honesty, Justice, Honor, Spirituality
Love: Compassion, Sacrifice, Justice, Spirituality
Courage: Valor, Sacrifice, Honor, Spirituality

* Honesty is respect for Truth
* Compassion is Love of others
* Valor is Courage to stand up against risks
* Justice is Truth, tempered by Love
* Sacrifice is Courage to give oneself in name of Love
* Honor is Courage to seek and uphold the Truth
* Spirituality is to seek Truth, Love and Courage from one's own self and the world around
* Humility is the opposite of Pride, which is the absence of Truth, Love or Courage

Finally, surrounding everything is a black circle, absent of all colors; this is the anti-virtue of Pride that exists in the absence of the three Principles. Thus, the seeker must use its opposite, the Virtue of Humility, which exists in the absence of the three Anti-Principles (Falsehood, Hatred, and Cowardice.)

Finally at the end, after the abyss, is discovered the codex of Infinity... although as a kid I never actually made it to the end...
I think that most people intrinsically know what they support in a ethical and moral level. Their level of what feels right or justifiable or fair. Their level of being comfortable with this is a different thing. I think if anyone were to honestly look at themselves and accept what they feel as right as being right for them and then they can really start accepting themselves. With this comes confidence.
I think my morality and ethics are no better or worse than yours. Different no doubt. They are right for me though and I am comfortable with them. If you embrace yours, you ought not compare or contrast them against mine. They are yours.
That sounds like a cool game.
I am glad you like the old fashion values in LOTR. I do too and for better or worse they closely fit my values. Smile
To get back to the original poster,

I went to a therapist last year who told me that slowly over time you can learn to love yourself, when I told her I don't like myself. I didn't believe her, but here I am a year later able to be much more gentle towards myself. And, I'm not exactly sure how it happened except that I wanted it to. Badly.

I think loving yourself comes first, it leads to self confidence, which then will lead you to being able to be open and sharing with someone else.

Good luck!
this post broke my heart

bye forever

AIM: shawnonalawn

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