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Time and Loneliness
Does anyone else here feel like there aren't enough hours in a day?

At times I believe that I must be the only lonely person with a packed schedule, and I was considering the correlation between loneliness and how occupied a person keeps himself.

Any thoughts on the relevance of keeping oneself occupied with how lonely one is?

I would think that keeping yourself occupied would help ease ones lonliness. But after reading your post maybe thats not the case. Well if it helps, maybe the things you do to keep yourself occupied is causing this? Like doing something alone. What do you do to keep yourself occupied?

It makes sense that a lonely person would use activities and work etc to keep busy, so they don't have to just sit alone in a room and think about how they feel.

I'm very busy, but still find the time to be lonely! Toungue It's something that follows you everywhere. I really long to meet smart, funny people...everywhere I go!

I found that there are to many hours in the day, before I joined this site I was very depressed and lonely. But since joining I have taken on board some of the advise given to me and now I am trying to fill my days in and getting out and about. It is working, and I feel alot better, exept I still feel quite lonely at night.
I find personally that keeping busy does help, but really only as long as you are busy. Once you stop and have some down time, whatever is bothering you inevitably comes back. It's really only like a temporary fix.
I have to admit I've seen both sides of the coin on this,at times in recent months it has felt like there are to many hours in a day and in quite a few like there are not enough.In the last week or so its been the feeling of not enough,although I suspect thats about to change.I have noticed when it feels like there are not enough hours in a day the thing that bothers me is this feeling of...sameness in each day,even if I am very busy,it feels like I am living pretty much the same day over and over again.At times when it feels like there are to many hours in a day it usually occurs when I am not as busy and I am waiting for something that will happen in a few days or a week,and that tends to draw the time out and its not a good feeling,cause it feels like I am wasting whole days just waiting for them to go by and I think to myself,"what a waste"
My dear Angelus,

I know what you mean. It's like being a little rodent on a hamster wheel--we keep running and running yet when we are done, we haven't gotten anywhere.

That is called life in the Rat Race. If you have an exit plan, as I do...then you won't have to keep working so hard.

Like a drowning person treading water to keep your head above the waves, most people are living pay check to pay check, without even time and energy to THINK about how to get out of the Matrix...
There are some days extremely long felt, while others are quick to pass. But, I believe keeping the mind occupied does lighten the loneliness one feels. That is until things slow down and the feeling returns. (For me, long days or short, surround or actually alone. I feel lonely and misunderstood.)
Yes I understand what everyone is saying. I mainly agree with the idea that while occupied the loneliness does seem to be dulled down but given one spare moment it returns with even a vengeance.

I like my life overall and I'm certain that I wouldn't require a large amount of people to fill it. Big Grin It's having no one in my corner that seems to cause most of my loneliness though. It's almost impossible for me to find others who I have anything in common with.

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