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Currently listening to
Different Kind Of Wonderful by Fisher

next one will be

In search of Sunrise by Tiesto
Better that we break by Maroon 5...nice sad song =)
Last FM is now my primary source of music. Seriously, I've discovered soooo much in the way of goodies, it's not even funny. It makes me wish I was rich, because I'd love to have a large percentage of the wonderful music that site exposes me to. I'd say my Top 3 artists to kick things off there are Sia, Mandalay, and Afterlife.
I Don't Wanna Be by Gavin DeGraw
Coburn - We Interrupt This Program

(The music from the NEDM fad, at YTMND ^_^)
Lilium - Music box
Gary Jules - Mad world
The Beatles - Eleanor Rigby

Musics that make me miserable... lol


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