A family member was assaulted yesterday

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Aug 25, 2012
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How do you cope with constant stress and trauma. My family have been through hell the past couple years. We were evicted from our place around 2018. It was a blessing in its own right as our place was cold and mouldy. Our neighbours abused us and the woman who lived there had some issue with constantly yelling and screaming every day. Mum was kind to them and gave them food and furniture, but they threw furniture on our lawn and their kids stood at our gate saying abuse to us and we also found poo in our mail box. I once gave the girl daughter a bracelet and the stepmother yelled at the girl and said “take it off!” When she found where it came from. The mother (may have been stepmother) also gave us evil looks.
When we were evicted we were made homeless and were left scrambling to find a place in about 4 weeks. We had to arrange a place to put our belongings which meant a shed which didn’t fit our belongings properly. (Crammed to metal edge). Mum found us a caravan which was not very nice at all for three adults. We went to a caravan park which was awful. We were disliked there by how we were treated. Mind games and trickery by other people who lived there. It was also very hot during summer (we got out before winter). It was a tiny one so with 3 adults, snoring and sharing faculties (no shower/oven in this caravan) amongst travellers was awkward. We were also singuled out for things as people didn’t like us there. Our doctor also treated us like we were just such low citizens of the earth.
Mum was desperate to get out to her home town. I advertised on Facebook for help and got one response which meant us getting loan help from someone who lived at caravan park (she gave us so much stress and she had gossip issues).
We packed as much as we could dangerously into our car, lost some things on road and made the 1 1/2 her trip to her place
This woman was not very nice at all and it ended up in fight and us evicted again. My stepfather was friendly with a guy at church and so we ended up living in a woman from church’s place for a few days. However she had severe depression and the floor I was meant to live in was full of papers, rubbish and literally unliveable. We went into living room. It was traumatic.
Ended up in fight again, police called and we had our belongings (car belongings not storage) in car. We went to police and they helped us and told us to go to a motel. We had no money but mum was hoping on caravan money back. This gave mum so much pain and stress. Luckily it came through in time but then we weee homeless again. We went to a homing support place and they put us in a woman’s shelter to sleep on a floor for the night.
After that we were sent to place for people who are unemployed and they drive directed us to a motel which we stayed for about 1 week and then moved across the road for a few months.
We then got ourselves into public housing and we have had two lots of traumatic experiences with neighbours, including damage to property, assault, possible graffiti, theft and disrespect and awful parties and noise.
It goes on and on. What can be done. Yesterday the female neighbour attacked my mum and we went to police.
now court is happening.


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Apr 5, 2008
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Yes, I too hope things get brighter looking for you.

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