A little faith perhaps... Problems and elusive solutions.

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Sep 3, 2011
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In summary: Some times a simple/relatively simple/or readily attainable solution is right in front of our faces, literally, or figuratively; but, it goes unnoticed for days, perhaps months, or even many years. Have you ever had a problem, big or small, only to find out, the solution was right in front of your face? I don't know what could be done to make those elusive solutions less elusive; but, may more simple solutions to problems big or small, find their way to me and you...
The notion I wanted to touch on, and something I've been aware of for some time now, though, is simple yet elusive solutions. The problem can be minor or large; but, for me anyway, it seems, often times there are really, really, simple solutions, right in front of your face, that some times, for whatever reason, are just out of your reach. For example, when sharing a bed, a simple solution would be to use a separate blanket, lol. Simple, right? If the covers are getting stolen, just grab or buy a second blanket for covers getting stolen emergencies.

Another simple yet elusive solution was when I bought a steering wheel cover for my car. That was a simple solution for the too hot to touch steering wheel problem I let go on for years before dealing with it; only to find, that the steering wheel cover obstructed the view of my dash a bit. What was my solution? I tied some strings around the edges of the cover to pull it in close to the steering wheel. That solution worked. Months, and months, later, a friend of mine at the time, asked about it, and then said, "why don't you just adjust the steering wheel?" I didn't have a clue what she was talking about, then she instructed me to search below the steering column for an adjustment mechanism. And, bingo, there it was. I just lowered the steering wheel column ever so slightly, no strings required!

Some times there are solutions; but, they remain not so much elusive; but, out of reach; but, even that is comforting, to me at least, to think of and ponder. It reminds me that, it's not so much that there isn't a tangible solution, just another problem compounding one's ability to have access to it... It's a bit circular to think about, but, from a certain perspective, the solution to a vexing problem, might actually not be so out of reach, it may only seem to be, at the time, for whatever reason.

So, I write this for myself, and perhaps anyone who might benefit from it. Maybe only people, such as my self, are afflicted with this peculiar sort of stupidity from time to time. But, as a reminder to myself and others, because, in experience, I know it to be true, some times a real, tangible, and simple/relatively simple solution, are, quite literally, right in front of you. That's the faith part. Have the faith to know, that, your problem, might very well have a solution that is right in front of you. If it's not right in front of you, perhaps you pass it on your day to work everyday and don't realize it. Maybe the solution is only a phone call or an e-mail away; you just don't know the number or the e-mail address yet. etc.. etc.. Perhaps you encounter it quite frequently and it just never registers. I know from experience, that, this can very often be possible, and not only that, by experience, has shown to be true.

It saddens me to think and know that, some times our problem gets the best of us, and that a simple, or at least real/tangible solution may never go noticed, or noticed before it's too late. And I guess that's life. Some times we miss the last train for the night and have to rough it till the morning; but, not always. And how miraculous would it be, if, we noticed that solution, not only before it was too late, but way before all the many days, perhaps years, the problem has plagued us.

I was going to make this into a diary post; but, perhaps you would like to share. Have you ever had any problems, big or small, that had simple, relatively simple, or amply attainable solutions, that were not far from you, but, for whatever reason, went unnoticed for way too long?
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