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A Warning to all Members of this Board.

This board is dedicated to everyone that feels lonely, and to those whom choose to live a life alone.

Some people may get very down and depressed because of their loneliness or other personal issues they may have.

You may find a lot of understanding and like minded people here. However, if you post things such as violent or suicidal intentions, it is likely that some of the members here, or even the moderators, may take it upon themselves to report your post to the necessary authorities, if they believe it is likely that you may cause harm to yourself or others. This may not happen, but if you do choose to post very depressing and dark things then this is a risk that you take.

Do not take this board as fantasy. The people here are real and can genuinely get upset with what you post.

If you encourage something like suicide, then this will not only result in your account being banned, but may again also result in you being reported to the necessary authorities.

I hope you can still express what you feel, and even discuss things as sensitive as feeling suicidal. But please keep in mind that this is a public board, and you may get reported for such things as stated previously.

Be respectful, and remember that you only get out of anything as much as you put in.
Not open for further replies.

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