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Alone but.......

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Jan 2, 2020
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.......not entirely by choice.

I arrived at my present status quo three years ago, when my partner (We were not married) sadly passed away. She was cruelly struck down with the dreaded big C. I already mentioned in my introduction post that I am not lonely but have been through a few lonely/negative periods in my life. How did I turn things around? I managed it by developing a positive mental attitude (Mental being the operative word) Another thing which and is the most important, is to be truthful to oneself. Be who you really are; don't hide behind an invisible 'mask.' Be what you aspire to be and not what other people want you to be. I know these are only words and reality is different matter. However, nothing happens overnight but perseverance and 'bloody mindedness' will eventually win. Change is one of the most difficult things us humans find to accept.

For a person of my age, I can count myself extremely lucky that I am still able to indulge in most of the all too many interests and activities I enjoy. I have lead a full active/eventful life and would not have it any other way. My life has gone through ten distinct changes/periods. I have been a refugee, a prisoner, married once, divorced once, a full time musician/disc jockey, a motor bike road racer, up-rooted my life and lived in four countries (The fourth is where I reside now)

Can I say I am now happy with my life? The honest answer to that question has to be a most definite no. However, I can counter that by saying the word contented accurately describes my present situation. Without going into too greater detail and turning this post into a novel; I wake up every morning, look out my window to see the Mediterranean Sea twinkling back at me and a glorious sun beating down :) What is there not to 😍🥰

I hope my post will be of some interest to those who may be at a negative/unhappy point in their lives? Pour you hearts out and lets see if we can sooth out some of the lumps, bumps and hurdles life has burdened us with.

I also have many sayings. One of the well used favourites is: Shit happens and we just have to get on with it! I look forward to your stories/replies.


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Mar 5, 2020
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Eastern PA USA
Can I say I am now happy with my life? The honest answer to that question has to be a most definite no.
I think we are (some of us at least) hardwired to not be happy. Discontentment leads to change. We must progress!

Welcome to the forum. Here's hoping you can sit still long enough to bring some of your unique experience to the table. :)

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