Anxiety issues I went through

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Dec 26, 2021
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Anxiety issues I went through were tough.It was after the doctors told me I was done growing at age 15.I couldn't take it at all.My teachers at school saw it at first and didn't want to open up at first.Sent me to talk to the school counselor and still didn't want to open up.My friends saw it too.Then it was my family that seen it and my parents were called being told what was happening.Luckily the school counselor knew a good therapist for me to see.It helped and finally opened right up.Saw it was anxiety I went through after I was told that I was done growing.Therapist tried something with me that helped and worked without medication.I did realize that I was not worthless still like any normal person.Felt better and learned to move on.My teachers and school counselor saw a huge improvement in me after that.School counselor and I talked more,saw I learned that I was not worthless opening up learning about me.Told her that I was diagnosed with brain cancer at 5 months old that chemo did a number to my pituitary gland put on growth hormones until I was 15.It took me a year to fully recover from it

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