Are you Skeptical of the Afterlife?

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Jan 2, 2017
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Wales. UK
I'm a total Agnostic... I went to a Church Junior school, a Catholic High School, and then as an adult I was a staunch Athiest for years (I read Dawkins etc)
Nowadays I have changed my mind mainly because the thought that a man in the clouds created everything by waving a magic finger is absolutely ludicrous to me......... however........ the though that 'matter' can simply materialise or that some sort of 'big bang' created everything, is EQUALLY ludicrous to me, therefore I am now completely open and easy to whatever may or not be out there and subsequently what may or may not be after our time on this planet..??

August Campbell

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Jan 27, 2020
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knowing how much you hate Christian views
No, I don't hate Christianity at all. After all,I actually donate money at least once a year to a Christian-charity to support all the charitable work they do. Instead, what I oppose against are those Christians who practice religious bigotry. Namely, those bigots who attack Buddhism, Islam, etc. That kind of bigotry only leads to hostile debate which is what this forum avoids.