Arent you getting sick of video games

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Jul 28, 2022
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Los Angeles
As we get older, our gaming tastes can change, and it's not uncommon to outgrow certain genres. I find your question interesting because it's something many gamers can relate to.


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Sep 3, 2011
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Sweet, sweet, U S of A.
I don't regret playing video games, or feel like I wasted any of my years playing them.

However, probably in my mid twenties or so, I just didn't play them as often anymore, and was pursuing other interests.

After that point, video games just didn't have that same, 'splendor,' to them, for better or worse. And there's a number of factors that contribute to that.

A: Gaming is not what it used to be. It used to be much more player/modder/programmer/creative-centric. You could modify your games, get creative, make completely new games from a game etc.. Now, the majority of the popular games are Triple A games you can't do anything with except play them by the rules set down by the devs. and you have to keep updating your hardware to play the really fancy new games. I got out of gaming, for the most part, before that.

B: predatory developer practices: Loot boxes (gambling, plays on one's dopamine circuits), pay to upgrade, pay to play, etc.. etc..

C: and then personally I just wanted to, 'do something with my life,' or at least try. I tought myself programming, a little bit of html, this and that, here and there... I tried, heh; but, gaming was never an absolute prime focus either way, so... And now I just do it every so often. Maybe an hour here or an hour there, a day, or just a little bit through out the week.

D: and I guess one other thing is, depending on the game, some of those people, or the culture, is really, really, immature, or abrassive, or just kind of loud and obnoxious. so..

One of the good things about gaming in modern times, however, is the rise of indie gaming, and retro game mods and new games based off old game engines that are free/libre/open source. So that's neat.

So I'm not tired of video games, just not as interested anymore. I don't think people should look down on gamers so much. There are girl gamers who game just as much as some of the men, though there are fewer of them; but, I don't think people would look down on them. But, that's a different issue, about expectations and society.

If you enjoy gaming, game on, I say; just be sure to get some sun, enjoy nature, and unplug now and then. Balance and moderation.
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Feb 3, 2014
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I like games, but I don't game all the time. It's just something I do here and there.

It's not really something I want to give up or quit, but I do feel like it works better as a side interest rather than a main. I don't want to find myself using it as a substitute for my real life, because I feel like I can't do anything with it.


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Sep 15, 2008
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Kootenays, BC, Canada
I don't think I'll ever get sick of playing video games. I'm of that generation that grew up on the cusp of computers and game consoles being developed and used in everyday life and homes. Gaming is part of me - always has been, always will be. I've got over 220 hours invested in my current play, Assassin's Creed: Valhalla and I'll likely spend a ton more time in that world. For me, much of the appeal of gaming is escapism. My love of RPG's started way back, playing games like the Ultima series and even further back with text-based games.

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Apr 23, 2023
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Gaming can be very good if you have friends to play with, even if the game itself is not that great, just the experience of working together with your friends to accomplish a goal is nice and rewarding on its own. It can still be good playing with random people, depending on the game and genre, but as for single-player games, I find them rather boring. Unless it's game with a really nice story and artistically noteworthy by itself, when single-player is concerned, I'd much rather play grand strategy games, but even then they are still somewhat boring and repetitive.

If the gaming gods are kind to me then maybe I'll finally be able to get that good old Medieval RP minecraft server going again.


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Sep 17, 2023
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Salem, Oregon USA
I'm 75 years old, and still playing Role Playing games even today.

I still enjoy some I played back in the mid 1980's like "Might & Magic" because they have great re-playability.

I also enjoy the more recent games like "Skyrim" and "Elder Scrolls On-line" and "Guild Wars 2".

Being retired, I have a ton of hours to fill everyday, and game playing on my PC takes up a couple hours each day.

I still have other hobbies to occupy my time, in additional to enjoying Role Playing Games daily.


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Apr 28, 2021
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My problem is that I like story-driven games with game mechanics that make me think and allow me to be a bit creative. Namely old PSX and PS2 JRPGs back when turn-based was still a thing.
There's not much of that really available anymore and, to be honest, with my age, the grind just doesn't hold my attention the way that it used to and I find it actually challenging to push through them.

The last time I was okay with FPS games was Halo 3, and no FPS games play like that anymore. I did get into hero shooters for a bit, until I eventually learned that they're basically just cash grabs which is why balances and updates are seasonal with battle passes etc.

I have a strong opposition to in-game marketing adverts. I don't like the gacha system anymore than I like the battle pass or season pass system. I'm not interested in dumping my money into a game repeatedly, that's why I never really got into MMOs. Especially because it's really just a matter of time until they eventually putter out. Once everything gets narrowed down to a single server you know the end is nigh. And I legitimately do feel bad for people who got/get roped into this kind of stuff. It's sad, you know? The customers are spending continual money on the game to be part of the community and to keep it going, and the companies, they ride and rely on that. It's very similar to how I love burritos and chocolates for comfort foods and tasty desserts after, but in all actuality burritos and chocolates in excess are kind of bad for your weight and health. It's similar to that. And it shouldn't be, because if you came from the 90s era of gaming or earlier, you know that it was not always like that.

Games used to come whole. Save for goofy things like Street Fighter II, but that's besides my point here. Ever since around probably 2004 - 2006, for the sake of a namedrop and simplicity we'll say The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion even though I adore the old game, it is indeed a buggy mess. However, at least the DLC that came with it was worthy of the price as it was expansive enough to be properly considered an Expansion Pack, which is another thing that also doesn't really happen much anymore.

Gaming in modernity has become very...reactionary and based on response time. With RPGs in particular it's the difference between Action RPGs and their Turn-Based counterparts. I grew up as a kid playing D&D, I'm at least old enough to remember Advanced Dungeons & Dragons or Dungeons & Dragons 2.0.
I've always preferred the turn-based approach and I've always felt that the action approach was more based on reactionary response time. Which is fine, I'm not totally knocking that, I do enjoy it on a rare occasion, but as I get older I am less and less inclined and less and less interested in being subliminally trained to be reactionary.

I suppose that has to do probably with the fact that I grew up impoverished to begin with. And as a history and anthropology buff, and as a business experienced adult, I am very cognitively aware of how reactionary response development will not improve my quality of life. In fact I would argue that it would work more to my detriment. Which ties into a bigger societal problem, and perhaps the fact that I'm quite stubborn in my ways about this sort of a thing. I'll look into furthering my reactionary response time again, when developing my reactionary response time is more beneficial to the greater of society than to otherwise not do so. So basically what I'm saying is, and to be blunt: If the money is authentically correct and logistically checks out, okay, I'll give it a shot. But until then, I'm just not interested.

I hate what it's become in its degradation, I guess is the thing. Because it's all about dopamine. I don't have a dopamine issue, I have a serotonin issue.


Oct 2, 2023
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Ill Never Get sick of Gaming, Gaming Keeps me Sane.
I Started Playing in the 80s on Shareware PC games that were free to $5 at the most
Ulitma 6 and Martian Dreams were amazing
Later Diablo, Baldurs Gate and NeverWinterNights
then I got ahold of a PS2 and could play PSX games too. I aquired a hundred games for each all action adventure and platformers
Did some time with MMOs but shitty people ruined it for me every time, I did 10yrs on WoW and almost 3yrs on SWtoR
WoW was my community after being Exiled from my hometown and everyone I had thought were my friends abandoned me, it was the way I dealt with PTSD before I ever realized I had PTSD, I quit when they force joined with facebook, Blizzard is kinda a messed up company. As for SWtoR I needed to Embrace the Darkside to control and harness the Rage and Darkness inside me and become a Jedi to Balance my Emotions. When the Guild Id been with for more than a year dumped me it soured me on the game having all those people I spent time building friendships with just turn their back on me and forget I ever existed. I might go back to that game in a couple years when I forget about all those shitty people because other than other players it was a really good game but thinking of those awful people still stings. I played ESO and enjoyed it as a solo player until I exhausted all the quest content, its not really worth buying any expansions for that until they come out with like 6more since the quest content of any given expansion takes one day to play.

NoxApex, it sounds like you are playing on consoles and not Steam. Steam has hundreds of thousands of games, hundreds for ever Niche and more for each genre every year. Personally I find JRPGs nauseatingly boring, There are thousands of them and they turn me off as soon as I see a screen shot, Im sure with a little digging you could find a hundred that scratch your itch
I prefer Western CRPG, Action Adventure, Metroidvainias, and Point and Click Adventure games
I can Recomend a few really good turn based games
Solasta - Straight up 5e D&D
Wasteland 3 - Post Apocalypse tactical shooter
Baldurs Gate 3 - prolly the most amazing D&D game ever made, no one will come close to this game for at least 5 years, It is the best turn based action RPG based on D&D that has ever been made
GriftLands - a Roguelike SCi-fi card game

Multiplayer console and PC games kinda fail for me as being enjoyable, Ive always prefered a solo grind

Started out on table top RPG tho, lookin at the Red Book but playing AD&D until I found Palladium a better system and its children TMNT and RIFTS, did some Masquerade too, my last game was a pure Homebrew. I miss tabletop rpg thats the kinda multiplayer I enjoy. Its easier to buy a game on Steam than find a good group to game with tho. Really want to find a group but not brave enough to go solo pug Roll20

Currently playing Dragons Dogma Dark Arisen on Steam 1669hrs logged and still grinding.

lookin forward to

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Hogwarts Legacy


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Oct 1, 2021
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Agree that gaming has become more boring and less attractive over the years. New games are extremely boring , they lost that spark and magic ..... Or I am just growing up. xD

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