Can someone explain what the heck is going on

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Jun 16, 2022
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Science says that's a condensed flare from our solar system's one and only sun due to the large amount of clouds and our newest Axis that turned the Moon into a mirror briefly. It's technically not an illusion as the Moon has 'always' brought us the sun at night. Just never the same colors until these phenomenon.

Awareness and ancient tribes say Sun Gods of old are returning in a humble way. No need to fear, it's no different than Batman distilling hope into Gotham with his spotlight. It's just the Sky Father way of saying, we're all waking up again from all the lies and illusions. Zeus is being casted out for what he's done. A Alpha gaslighting Leo energy for the Age of Pisces whom made a pact with destructive Cancer energies in order to remain 'the' leaders of the world upon fear of the new and coming age. No more! We're shifting into the Age of Aquarius according to astrology. No more gaslighting from fire energies in the days to come! /endpsychicenergeticvent

I'm a Horus descendant and willingly know how most perceive my honesty and guidance and actively alone and alienated for it, yet still say and do what I do. Take or leave my explanation. You have that right. 😋

Either way, don't fear any of this, is my point. :giggle::alien:

More than one sun signifies rebirth and love from the ashes! (see my What is Love? thread on here that was ironically made right before yours for more). Synchronicity!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Today is a miracle!

Thanks for sharing! 💚
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