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Apr 28, 2016
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Yep, totally agree man spot on. Herbal medicines are widely trusted but that trust is mostly due to our imagination coupling them with a bucolic vision of nature which never existed.

While the vast majority of herbal medicines are not as dramatically lethal as Botulinum toxin for example, virtually all will have some adverse effects. Indeed, any substance that alters your body’s physiology will have side effects.

After all, the main reason that there are so many chemicals in plants that we can use as medicines is that they are used as defences So they interfere with some aspect of physiology to stop animals eating them (morphine, caffeine, Tetrahydrocannabinol in marijuana and those lovely aromatic oils in Eucalyptus oil ). Or they provide defence against infection (salicylic acid in willow bark, for instance).

Extract of foxglove is effective for treating heart failure, but get the concentration wrong and it is lethal; willow bark is effective for reducing pains and fever but causes ulceration of the mouth and throat if used for a while; and Senna pods are used to relieve constipation, but can cause heart and gastrointestinal problems.

many herbal medicines have very low amounts of the active ingredients, or do not have the active ingredient at all. So many herbal medicines are no more than expensive placebos.
Yesterday I was considering the many bottles I have filled with little capsules. Due to illness/genetics/crappy luck I can't effectively produce B and D vitamins. I have to supplement them. I take a prebiotic to compliment a probiotic. I'm test driving beetroot (cardio). Of these I've not found any concerns. There is some kind of bee pollen I'm trying that is supposed to boost the autoimmune response. Does it? Idunno. Works for the bees. My handicap began with infections… no, not those. Anything that can manage to boost my defenses is likely a plus.

But I know these companies that peddle these snake oils aren't interested in my health. They just want the money. A little research before you try is prudent.

I believe all we need exists in nature. I do not believe in miracles. Nor do I trust processing. I've read a good many country remedies actually have a legitimate claim. And someone is trying to profit from them.

I have a drink I've made from grapefruit juice, orange juice, lemon juice and lime juice based on their dietary benefits. I think it had a touch of garlic. Maybe I should bottle it and use my fortune to run for congress.

I guess, just don't suck up the hype. Most vitamins contain tar. Some have no benefit because the law says the vitamin has to be in before processing. But the process can then remove it. I expect there are a lot of over the counter herbs that have this same issue.

It's all trial and error.

Have you ever wondered about the ones that figured out some mushrooms are deadly? How did they tell anyone?
Mar 21, 2020
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In my mind
Although this stuff seems to work in the movies: So..................



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Apr 9, 2022
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Northern California
Well pharma drugs are typically WAY more potent and purified then "natural" herbs or plants. Also they are mixed with other stuff which may cause other problems. Many of the alternative medicines have little real effect because their dosages are so small. Most of the vitamins and minerals people buy just allows them to excrete expensive urine.

Perhaps, but I have taken vitamin C since I was 12, and heal fast. Humans do not make thier own vitamin C internally, as your cat or dog does. It's needed lo make collogen, and keep toxins out of your body. I look many years younger then most of my age group. My younger bother looks like a man in his 70's, while I still appear 10 years less then my true age and still have a full head of brown hair with some silver. My brother is quite bald with lots of wrinkles that I do not have. I take 1000 mg or more per day. It is cheap, so I highly recommend it for everyone.


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Apr 28, 2021
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In all seriousness, exerting the body through rigorous exercise will knock out most depression. your body will be too tired to focus on mundane things, and the endorphins released through said exercise will always be a contributing factor..

Also, fasting. Purifying the blood through fasting will clear your mind.

No whey!

It helps. Fitness is honestly kind of a rediscovery to me.
Before I started playing music when I was 15, I was moderately athletic.
Although, I was a kid, I wasn't really trying to do anything goal-wise with my body and physical strength, it was more like I had high energy and chronic insomnia and family was like "go play basketball, football, and swim."
So, I played basketball, football, and swam. 🤷‍♂️

What I'm doing now though is basically for quality of life assurance.
Since my professional field doesn't pay much but we do a lot of lifting, I have to recognize that I'm over my physical peak and it will only get harder if I don't start trying to fight it now.
So the idea is that if I increase muscle strength and endurance, it'll take the edge off of the lifting I've gotta do at work, which in turn will help with the nerve damage I have from lifting wrong 10+ years ago.
And if I can adjust to where the workload at my job is less noticeably significantly less strenuous, I can look at more job opportunities with increased endurance.

Plus there's a science to it and I'm a nerd by default so, that also helps keep it interesting.


Mr Bakerman
Oct 20, 2021
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I've been here for a minute. I read these tirades, and I'm kind of impressed a SN named in the bible elicited this many responses. Good on you for evoking the amount of comments. It's a little sad to read it all, but, you had some passionate reactions. I even replied. Not that I agree with most on here, or you. But, it's late. Or early. And very dead, and I won't have to discuss this with the most ardent users. I actually believe this is satire, but maybe you do follow spew. Again. Congratulations

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