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August Campbell

My ultimate dream came true.
Jan 27, 2020
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Do any other of you gents have this same problem? That is, you do NOT want a girlfriend but you keep having. In my case, I have a particular recreational-activity which requires a partner, but I want a Male one only. The reason for my marked preference is because a Female would distract from the activity---even worse, there might be drama--and I don't like drama at all.
The problem is that the lady thinks she's my gf, but I don't consider her as one at all. Of course, I don't tell her that, because I need her for the Recreational-activity, so I have to patiently tolerate whatever happens.
What I'd like to know is--do any of you others have a similar problem?


Princess Pink Love
Oct 17, 2013
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My house
Yes, because men are NEVER dramatic......mhm.

Stop using people and then blaming them because YOU can't control yourself. :rolleyes:


Sarcastic Overthinker
Nov 15, 2019
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Wtf did i just read? It made me chuckle a bit, with the flexing about having so many girlfriends then you even have a woman who thinks you are a couple 😂 😂 . As Randomguy says i think the other activity is boning but if it was me i'd just say "we aren't a couple" because shit will hit the fan either way and you can't string her along forever. So you'll get drama either way it seems like to me.


Mr Bakerman
Oct 20, 2021
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I'm just going to respond to the thread name. I like the NOT part. Is it, 'thou does protest too much'. Is that the proper quote? I'm sure it is. Also...go for local chat rooms. You're not going to get some female in the UK to endeavor themselves to you


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Jul 26, 2011
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New Zealand
Flexing on a loneliness forum isn't going to go down well. But I've had a couple of weird experiences at meetups with older women who were clearly lonely. One who claimed to be 40s but looked closer to 60 got extremely rude after it was clear I wasn't interested.

No-one forced her to get emotionally attached to the OP or go into a non-dating recreational group with ulterior motives for snagging a boyfriend (that would be condemned if it were a guy).
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Jul 15, 2022
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It reminds me of a holiday in the North of Italy when I was 18, I was still a virgin, and this was a family holiday.
My mom said she had been invited by some people from Luxemburg, and I could come too.
It was strange, one older woman (don't know what age she was, but she looked in her forties) and several guys, who didn't seem to be relatives.
She was seducing me, really made it clear that she wanted to f*ck me.
It was embarrassing, she even asked my mom if it would be OK to have a night of sex with me, she would teach me all kinds of different sexual positions.
When she took off her sunglasses her eyes appeared very deep and there were lots of wrinkles, so for an 18 year old, she looked quite old.
I didn't go for it, because I doubted how promiscuous she really was, maybe she had a different guy every night.
At that time, AIDS was already an issue.
She got really angry when I didn't agree with her proposal, throwing the packet of cigarettes on the grass.
It felt strange, was she some kind of almost-pedophile, who always wanted to get 18 year olds in her bed?
Did she invite my mom, because that way she would have had access to me, and because she had seen me lying on the beach?
If not, who were those guys?
I actually don't remember anymore.
If it hadn't happened to me I would have found it a story that was hard to believe if anyone else told me.

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