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Aug 3, 2022
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I'm not telling part of the fun is leaving mystery for you to solve me out....

lol jk

oh, you're still reading? fine since you're still interested, I'll try and explain it to you for being such a good sport, it's kind of a (child in me) fantasy. If any of you have bin fallowing some of my posts from my time on here, you may already know a little more about me if not its ok growing up I had a rather difficult childhood battling with mental illness so most of the time I would find a lot of time alone locked in my room (literally locked in my room). So, I had a lot of time to myself I would often find my time escaping reality into movies, music, anime, writing, drawing, and video games. It's here that I found myself escaping to many different fantasy lands and experiencing different adventures with characters that were very different from my current situation. I felt a connection with them at the core of their character, one in particular that I spent a lot of time playing as a youth a videogame called (Kingdom Hearts) a videogame made by the merging of Disney characters and Final Fantasy characters if you don't know what Final Fantasy is, that's ok it is another video game franchise, but I'm sure everyone by now has hurd of Disney. The characters Sora (the main character) and the character Riku (his best friend) and Kairi (the boys love interest) made me feel a deep connection with this game and the overall franchise of both Disney and Final Fantasy. I could go into full detail about this game and the entirety of is universe the characters back stories as well as the stories of the friends they encountered in their journey, but I won't take up your time reading this post it would be very lengthy. I'll get to the question " fantasyland" to be able to experience this games lore, to have a connection with friends like King Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Riku, to have a love interest like Kairi to journey from Destiny Islands (there home world) to other worlds in the Disney Universe like Alice and Wonderland, Hundred Acre Woods, Halloween Town and many other worlds in this franchise's universe. I would like to be Sora and experience all of his encounters (good and bad) with all the worlds he visits and the friends he makes along the way and have a love interest like he has with Kairi. If I completely lost anyone at this point, I understand I have a link to the first game Kingdom Hearts the original there are Thirteen games in total to this Huge Fantasy World if anyone is interested in the entirety of the game franchise and there are many different YouTube channels dedicated to breaking down this game into smaller chunks for people to actually be able to understand it in its entirety. You do not have to by any means explore any of this its a very lengthy link as well as a very confusing plot the stories do not go in order of game so be warned unless you truly know the game's history this can be a frustrating experience but if you are open to exploring it there are like I said channels dedicated to breaking it down anyways this is Kingdom Hearts 1.5 its as lengthy as a movie if not a bit more lengthy (you don't have to watch it) if you want to know what the heck I'm talking about though and you have the time I hope you will enjoy. thanks for reading :)

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