Friend In You

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Crown Court Banned Poet
Jan 1, 2022
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London, UK
"Friend In You"

When I was alone you were there, when I was low you showed you cared/
Whether on the phone or in person, you helped a lost person to reappear
You seem to lessen every fear, and seemed so near, when I was far/
And now I'm here, I'm so sincere when I say you're a big part of my heart
From the start you were a star, that shined so bright in my blackened sky/
And made me happy when I wasn't, and when I was you made me smile
You loved the style in which I rapped, a couple years before the ban/
So I always love to get some feedback, from my number one fan
I found a friend in you and I'm thankful, for the friendship that we have/
That's why I'm penning you this poem, to give you some of this love back
Remember that rap I rapped & recorded for you, back in December, 07/
I was so nervous to play it to ya, but you loved it when you listened
We went from pictures & messages, to lyrics, phone calls & (censored)/
And that itself got its own poem, though the title I won't mention ;)
You're such a beautiful person, a woman whom I have nothing but love/
So I'm sending you this dedication, to thank you for all of the above.

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