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Apr 27, 2022
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New to this forum. I used to be on an awesome forum back in 2008 - 2010 when i had some traumatic experiences in my life and they really helped me with perspective and understanding of things. They made me feel not alone in what i was going through at the time and was such a source of encouragement and also ability to be able to help others out.
I am from Australia and about to turn 40 this year and not looking forward to it as i feel time is closing in on me. I do not feel that age in my mindset as i have had so many gaps in my adult life. I conquer everyday with social phobia, anxiety disorder and low self esteem and walking depression. These things limit my social life dramatically and have done for most of my life.

Altho Ive had and continue to have setbacks in life, i still see the beauty in it and the excitement in life and how we all have the power to be our own unique selves with our boundaries and values and goals etc.

I look forward to coming on here every now and then šŸ™Œā˜ŗļø

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