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Oct 8, 2013
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mid west USA
Hi and welcome to the forum! I am a few years under 70, but I can identify with a bit of what you were saying. I very recently lost my soulmate of nearly 50 years and I am struggling trying to find my way in life. And of course, my family is gone and I am thankful that part of my brother's family is still here or I would be pretty lost. We are also estranged from a child for about 20 years now and it wasn't our decision and it's a relief to be away, but losing our grandchildren with it just broke our hearts.

I have a few good neighbors and a few good friends, and my brother's family has been very supporting, as has been our church, but I still feel pretty much left alone in this world. Thank God for my free pets!

Greetings, Butterfly 2.

I'm sorry for your loss and the estrangement in your family can't be easy either. May you find your way in life, a satisfactory niche to occupy and a purpose to give you direction.......and some joys too.

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