Helping people with ptsd and depression

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Nov 3, 2019
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For some people, their flashbacks come without a trigger. True, dogs and pets in general could help them calm down during or after an episode but it won't stop them flashing.


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Jul 26, 2016
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Floating in Space
I used to work with ex servicemen/women with PTSD and/or various other mental health issues, actually in truth, I gave free yoga lessons to the homeless and the majority of them were ex forces because that's how we repay our ' heroes ' in the UK.

The space I rented was owned by a crazy cat lady and 3 or 4 cats regularly joined us during the lesson they weren't trained therapy animals, but they provided an amazing source of comfort. Cats are such elegant and interesting animals that you can’t help but be drawn into the moment. I guess it’s rather mindful.

Cats aren’t a substitute for talking therapy or medication, but with long waiting lists for mental health treatment on the NHS, cats can be immensely valuable if you’re struggling with issues like anxiety, depression, chronic loneliness or a personality disorder.

I certainly couldn’t function as well without mine.


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Jun 16, 2022
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San Antonio, Texas
It's always subjective. Everyone's underlining cause for said depression or PTSD differs. In a general sense, Love that does not waver cures all. A loving man or woman whom becomes widowed, pets are perfect. However, in my humble opinion; Animals are more distraction not a cure. Looking with-in no matter how much it hurts is one of the only permanent ways to address and 'move' on from PTSD. To feel safe being yourself, to be safe as yourself. Inner child AND adult healing. Not either, or.

Depression, comes from the universal feeling of being 'stuck' and our brain can't wrap around itself as to why it is so we start linking it to what we 'don't' have over what we do have. It is indeed the polar opposite of being happy and should be faced as such. Not drown it with co-dependencies, therapy (only), or over-socializing to essentially run from it, not 'cure' it. It's too robust and universal to be easily swayed.

Holistic healing does a better job at mental health than medicine. Wish it was more mainstream like it used to be. You release and let go of the trauma and the past, not chemically drown it with substance abuse in the guise of moral sanity. Acceptance, over being YOU, essentially is what social modern day mental health medicine, is. Control your glands and leave your hearts behind..... You are your heart. Your soul resides in your heart. Feel it, don't allow your brain to over stimulate it with distractions or substances. We drown our heart just to not feel it and that is what causes the depression. Don't add fire to the flame.

In a holistic sense, Yoga helps with aligning yourself and feeling yourself better. Grounding. You still need to work on your upper-chakras especially your crown where a lot of trauma resides and keeps you from feeling one with God, your loved ones, etc. Which is why some "nuts" say to avoid things that block your Pineal Gland. Modern day medicine and most every-day toothpastes do. :unsure::ninja::sleep::LOL:

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