I am killing myself soon.

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Nov 9, 2018
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My sisters have turned my father totally against me. Soon I will be homeless with no money. I am done with this world. I hope there is not a hell - god hates me too!


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Feb 5, 2023
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You didn’t respond to your last thread so I’m assuming you won’t respond in this one here. The fact that you announce your intention makes it clear you’d like some attention so we’re giving it, but you need to engage with us. If you don’t care for our words then I’m not sure what else to say to you except to say that many have been where you are right now and turned their lives around, so I know it’s possible for you as well. I believe you can make your life better. I’d like to talk with you more but I’m heading away shortly and may not have any phone service but I have no doubts there are people here that have much to say better they I could. I wish you well.

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Jan 12, 2019
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My sisters have turned my father totally against me. Soon I will be homeless with no money. I am done with this world. I hope there is not a hell - god hates me too!

Astros 2018, your plight sounds distressing but not hopeless as your feelings portray.

First of all, don't suggest God hates you because your life is tough right now. The story of Job in the Bible discounts that idea, as does the painful, suffering lives of many Christians in the world past and present. Understand, God is more interested in your character than your comfort, and more people are drawn to God by hard times than good times.

Second of all, don't deny hell for fear of going there if you kill yourself. I believe it is a real place, but you go there by a willing choice of rejecting God, not by a single act that may be sinful.

Millions of people around the world live in severe poverty conditions with no chance of escaping a life of misery. We don't know your life's details, capabilities, and living location, but hopefully you are not in such a dire situation. If you'd elaborate a bit on where you live, people might be able to offer some advice or encouragement to help you get back on your feet. If you're physically and mentally capable to hold any kind of job, there's usually a path upwards. And if you're not, there's usually help to be found in any developed country that has local churches, private organizations, and social programs.

God has a purpose for you and your life. Don't let a temporary challenge discourage you to give up. I expect there's a lot of avenues you have yet to explore for improving your situation.


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May 9, 2023
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Hey hey hey hey... dear @Astros2018, I so hope that even silent, you still read what people reply to your message. And I so hope and wish that some solution/ease has come available to you, in the meanwhile.

I see in this forum many things that I feel compassion and sadness for; but yours is one of the very few that I can call concretely relatable to me. It is a cliche to say "I feel you", but the truth is, my residence/finances are in the very same condition, along with the internal family atmosphere. And, this has been one of the reasons why I wanted to kill myself too. Instead to have some f******* emotional support, at "home", I only get bullied in hurtful ways.

I really really wish that the things have changed for you, and PLEASE, remember that we all think, on some level, that we know how God (whoever/whatever that is) works, but, actually, no one knows. To me, one thing is for sure -- the Fate that one has, is all about placing him/her at a position where he/she is expected to fulfill some tasks, and I mean, tasks that aren't necessarily related to job or career. It is not about us being loved by God or not loved -- but I do know what you are talking about, bc it is the same what I talk to myself in the darkest moments.

I hope you are still there and I wish you the best!!!

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