If you can't have anyone love you until you love yourself....

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Jun 16, 2020
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Then why are there so many people with depression, drug addictions, severe mental health problems etc. in relationships? Are these relationships null and void? I guess they all must be. There is no other explanation, because most of these people don't appear to love themselves. Maybe they do and that makes all the difference.

Or maybe all the people who don't love themselves are 34 year old kissless virgins like me and it's all an illusion.


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Oct 17, 2013
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Are you sure there is love involved in those relationships?
Are those relationships actually relationships or are they just pretending to be (maybe even to themselves)

I was married and looking at it now, I wouldn't consider it a relationship after the first year or two of marriage. We were roommates who occasionally had sex. But I can tell you that we played it up when we were in public together. Appearances can be deceiving, so don't assume that just because there is a "relationship," it's actually something good, because it's not always.

I'm not saying that's true in every case, but what I can tell you is that being in a relationship with someone who has bad mental health can and often does ruin that relationship.

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