Is it selfish of me not to care?

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Feb 1, 2023
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Nowhere, Ohio
My days just keep getting weirder? Crazier? More odd? I'll think of it. A couple of weeks ago my phone stopped working and they were supposed to send a new one but I haven't received it yet. Someone from my counseling center called the police and asked the to do a wellness check. They came to my apartment. It's not that I'm ungrateful or don't appreciate someone looking after me. It's just I'm in a difficult situation right now. I can't go to the doctor or therapy because I have no transportation. My insurance offers transportation but I have no phone to call. No one seems to understand this, so they jump to conclusions. Granted, I guess they should be worried because I stopped caring a few moons ago. My physical health has been doing fine. I'm doing an experiment to see if I still need my insulin. I haven't taken it since feb 8 and my blood sugar has been averaging around 118, so I know that's good. Is it selfish of me to not care?


The Lone Monger
Nov 29, 2022
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New York
Below is IMO only.
- If you have people who depend on you -- children or something similar, then it may be selfish to not care.
- If you have people who care greatly about you, but are not dependent, like parents or siblings for example, then I would say it may be callous not to care, but not selfish.
- If you have some casual friends, a couple of cousins, a couple of elderly aunts & such with whom you get along fine (my situation), then it's neither selfish nor callous. But still...if there are ways you can improve your situation, maybe give it a try? Seems like getting a phone is the key here. Can the counseling center help you get a cell phone?

BTW, about 25 years ago I had the cops come to my apartment at 3 AM.
Scared the hell out of me.
So yeah, I know how it feels having them show up at your door.
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