Loveliest 63-yr old Lady I've met

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August Campbell

My ultimate dream came true.
Jan 27, 2020
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At the grocery store I go to regularly is a nice cashier Lady who is 63 yrs old. I always mention her name because she said her parents got it from a song that has that name in its title. In fact, sometimes we even sing the first few lyrics as she processes my purchase. She's 63 yrs old, and not a single wrinkle on her face at all. It's like she's 63 and 33 at the same time, if I can put that way. Today I was surprised when she rung up my purchases, and she said "See you soon, My Love." As I said, a very lovable 63 yr. old.
The song whose title that her name comes from is from the 60s or 50s, so you others would recognize that name. I think Brother Fin would recognize.

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