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Crown Court Banned Poet
Jan 1, 2022
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London, UK
"Moving On"

I was mentally abused by my father, and my own family disowned me/
I have a beautiful daughter I don't see, cause her mother can't stand me
I had my poetry banned by crown court, for taking a stand with my pen/
Then I had my home burgled, by somebody who I thought was my friend
My own girlfriend of three years, turned out to be a Jezzie I couldn't trust/
And for so long I've drowned in these tears, feeling like I'm ready to give up
But then Rachael struck a chord in my mind, with the things that she said/
That made me open up my eyes, and search inside for my inner strength/
So all that didn't make any sense, no longer leaves me lost and confused/
Because I'm stronger and I'm happy now, and don't pretend like I used to/
I made beautiful out of the ugly, and then turned my frown into a smile/
Turning my back on what was f*ckry, no more feeling down or in denial
It's been a while since I was happy, & now I'm content in a happy home/
And now I smile because I am happy, happily contented in the zone
The misery I lived wasn't intended, but it was intentional I said goodbye/
And now I feel splendid it has ended, I can see the happiness in my eyes.

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