New World Order - Biden let it slip

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Mar 21, 2020
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In my mind
An FYI if anybody should happen to care and are interested:

there is a "conspiracy theory" with a long history about the new world order. Many of you have probably heard or read about it:

Many people say people that believe that are nuts. Others can't figure out why people no longer believe what the government is telling them. There's damn good reason.

2) "Biden has unintentionally drawn attention to himself after mentioning a “new world order” during a 15-minute speech at a meeting with lobbying organisation the Business Roundtable." He also said that the US will be leading the new world order.

Okay, okay, so that's the other side blowing things out of proportion. Or, are they? They are just quoted what he said. If he just said this one thing then no big deal. He's old. He says stupid things on a regular basis when he's off script. He also says things he should repeat because he appears to believe he's above all of that.

So, here's what the other side says to defend what he said: "Biden used term in reference to Russian invasion of Ukraine." Oh, okay, yeah, I don't think so. But, here's how they are trying to play it off:

3) Biden also said, "For God’s sake, this man must not remain in power."

Biden doesn't think, or atleast didn't think what he said was wrong. Hell, it's the history of the US to go into a country remove the current regime. Then militarily and financially support the regime that they want in power. Sometimes it works out great and sometimes it doesn't. Then we give them $millions / $billions to rebuild and try to buy their friendship, usually to exploit them. There's plenty of history to support this so I won't include it here. BTW, this really pisses off the rest of the world because the know if they don't play nice with the US they may be next.


So, arguably, the most powerful man in the world is basically telling the rest of the world to kill Putin, remove his regeme, and get on board with the US to lead the new world order. This of course is going to piss of Putin, as it was meant to do. Good job! Maybe he'll feel it's time to release some nukes or something or atleast keep fighting. It may just be what's needed to push other countries to support Putin and further escalate the situation. Great de-escalation tactic!

It also shows the rest of the world what the US's intentions are: To rule and control the world. It's no surprise. Does anybody really not think that's what the US has been doing already? Everybody already knows that. But, Biden brought it out into the open again. Thanks for the target on our backs.

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Apr 3, 2022
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The phrase "new world order" is a constant in geopolitical posturing. Bush Sr. announced it when the Soviet Union fell, and back in the 70s the neoliberal revolution was pushing a new world order to brush away any country that was socialist-aligned or even thinking of any social democratic idea. The socialist bloc made these pronouncements for their own reasons - it's inherent to the Marxist ideology that the goal is a world federation and remaking the world. Of course, the same can be said about the United States as a project in a way. The "new world order" isn't a sinister conspiracy, so much as it is the United States following the course set a long time ago. The myth is that it was actually something other than that.

Unfortunately the new "new world order" is harkening to the thing Germany did in the 1930s. I've been despondent that so much now is just like it was then, and that there's a base that is enthusiastic for something like that. This time, though, it's going to be a lot worse and I don't see any counterbalancing force in the world. Maybe something new will happen, or has to happen. There's certainly a lot of myths spun about "multipolarity" which is a bunch of nonsense.


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Sep 3, 2011
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Sweet, sweet, U S of A.
I think Bush Senior had been talking about the New World Order.; he's one of the more famous references to it.

I didn't like the previous prez, and I don't like Biden. The previous prez is far more annoying, though. I voted libertarian for prez. If I could go back, however, I probably would have abstained from voting completely, except for prez.

Not even worth discussing anymore... It's all a ruse. Everything from this moment on, is just manipulation to further entrench a technology fueled despotism of oligarchs, leaders of industry, military industrialists, etc..