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online russian tv

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May 10, 2019
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is the topic. what is the russian tv, i don’t have any idea. i think it is a channel such as yo.tub. or any other video channel. this site made russian language ,so this is very hard to understand what it is writing on it. i can not translate , because i do not know russian language. in my opinion it must translate in english to understand what . therefore i clikced some links on www site. anyway i can not write so many things about that this is very very hard , because i can not check the site well. russian television online. the people especially are visiting the other web site regarding the videos. therfore there are not so many time to checking the web sites well. sometimes i am watching the videos about the russian driver on yo.tub. there are a lot of people , so the car crashes are very very more. thanks. 5396 *removed link*
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