Real facts now take second seat to online data information brokers

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Mar 21, 2020
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I'm at a loss. I've tried to open several online banking accounts over the past two weeks. Every single one of them has denied me because they said they couldn't verify my identity. WTF? I gave them all the correct vital information. I've lived in the same 15 square miles my entire life, other then my military time. Several even asked for me to mail / email proof of some of that information, which I did, even though I strongly believe that's a very bad thing to do. But, they acted like they just needed that and then they would approve my account. I was wrong.

They say that the information that I provided proof of was different then their third party data broker information. Yet, they woudn't tell me where they are getting their information from so I can't correct it. From what I could gather there are about 200 databrokers that are most commonly used. The number of databrokers and the databrokers themselves are continually changing.

So, I started going to a few databroker sites. I can see that the information is incorrect and/or outdated. But, in order to see all of the information I need to give them money. WTF? Then I found companies that specialize in contacting databrokers that they deal with to either correct the information or ask for your information to be deleted (temporarily, it'll pop back on again). Then you will need to pay them again to have the information corrected/removed again. Or you can pay a yearly fee of about $1500 for them to monitor/correct/remove your information at most of the databrokers sites.

Oh, BTW, the credit reporting bureaus also have incorrect information on me too. Seriously! They don't seem to update their information. They are too busy selling it and getting it hacked. It's fucking crazy!!!!!

All of this relying on 3rd party databrokers to verify people's identity is going to massively create way more identity theft problems. It's super easy to create false identities and then propagate them. I can't believe no government agency is doing anything about this serious problem.

So, at this point I don't know what the hell to do. Once your information is incorrectly spread across a bunch of databrokers site you are screwed because nobody trusts your real information any more, even with proof. If you correct one or several sites it will go back to the incorrect information because it updates from other databroker sites.

Has anybody actually corrected / removed themselves from all the databroker sites (approximately 200)? Did you pay to view your records at each site? Did you give them more personal information before they corrected your information?


Princess Pink Love
Oct 17, 2013
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Sounds like you may have had your identity stolen. You likely won't be able to do anything until you get that fixed. I would freeze your credit report, then call the FTC and the police to report it.

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