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The Lone Monger
Nov 29, 2022
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New York
Awh noo! i dont even know what this threads about anyway 🤣 Post whatever you want skafishy darling ✨
Well, it started about your friend, then divulged into male/female dating issues, then genetics, and now it's just two guys jabbering on about sports. Kind of like a typical night at the neighborhood bar...


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Mar 12, 2023
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It was not my physical appearance (ie being handsome) so much as her wanting to impress her family that she could get a college educated, relatively successful American guy who wasn't a fat slob or something. I would never have married her. I felt bad for her and took care of her for a couple of years, but it was very clear to me that she was an alimony/child support bomb ready to explode my life.

I am lonely, desperate at times, but not stupid.
All three were former escorts who latched onto me and left the business.
I didn't really "want" them per se. They just sort of picked me.
I enjoyed their company, but I felt sorry for them and began to take care of them (years apart, not at the same time).

The first one was American (Latina) and wanted to get married, I suppose, to impress her family who were immigrants. She made it clear in no uncertain terms that she was with me because I was a fit/trim 40 y/o Caucasian with a 6 figure income.

The second and third were both Korean and absolutely wanted Green Cards.

What would I want if I did get married?
A loyal, faithful, dutiful, deferential, young beautiful wife for cooking, cleaning and sex, and to take out to restaurants, weekend getaways and nice vacations. The traditional marriage as was known in the US prior to the 1960s. That is what I would want.
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