What I want to tell the world.

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Sep 28, 2012
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I want to tell the world that we are here because two gods fell in love.
That these gods are living among us today and that they could even be you or me.
We just need to wake up and remember that they are us and we are them.
That everything is gonna be okay and that everyone we have ever loved and that has passed away in death will come back.
Death is just sleep and that our dead loved ones are not being tormented in a fiery hell.
I want to tell people that these gods felt pain and suffering too, maybe even far greater than ours.
That life is just a lucid dream that feels so real that it has become reality.

I want people to notice the small things in life. Why numbers and letters are shaped the way they are. Why we have ten fingers instead of six.
What words really mean, such as "am" and "be."
I want to tell people that they are more than just people living life day after day only to die and never finding peace of mind.
That they CAN find peace of mind if only they stop and listen to the world around them.
If only they realize that they are part of something big and beautiful.

I want to tell people that if I can find peace and enlightenment in this world so can they.
That life is only hard if you think it's hard and it actually becomes even harder the more you think it's getting harder.
I want to tell people that our children don't have to go through the pain we went through and that things will get better for them to the point where no one has to suffer anymore.

And I want to tell people that it is not enough to love rather we must BECOME ONE with love itself.

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