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What would make your life better?

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Nov 30, 2021
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I'm at an age whereby everything is starting to catch up. All those minor injuries of youth, and the previously diagnosed stuff, it all gradually gets worse. My memory really isn't too good, which could be due to the stress.

I did have my face literally kicked in when I was aged 17, by football fans. Jaw, nose, eye sockets, the whole lot broken, along with a multitude of other injuries. This incident is also responsible for my first heart attack. The numerous surgeries often became extremely difficult, as there were issues with the amount of drugs being pumped into me, and the effect upon my heart.

Age has it's affects too. Although, I'm no old man, there are things that I once did with ease, now come with some consequences.

The culmination of injuries and age, plus huge helpings of stress, it all adds up. I am certain that if I was an animal, I would have long since been put out of my misery.

Keeping healthy is important. I do believe that the choices we make now, will affect us most in 10 or 20 years from now. Exercise, balanced diet, are important. More so is trying to keep a healthy mind. *I'll admit to occasionally faltering from these.


The Last Bandit Left Alive
Jul 26, 2016
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Floating in Space
I'm sorry you went through that man so young too, heartbreaking.

Age has definitely started to catch up with me nothing seems to heal anymore.

"never wait or hesitate
Get in kid, before it's too late
You may never get another chance
'Cause youths a mask but it don't last
Live it long and live it fast"

Rod Stewart


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Aug 11, 2018
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RICH PEOPLE PROBLEMS, seriously? Did you read about any of their problems? I'd exchange mine with theirs in a HEARTBEAT. They aren't problems, they're minor disagreements!

You know we've been fed this bullshit since the Dark Ages, right? That's because monarques, kings, high priests, functionnaries, senators, you name it, people living in squalid, luxuriant, richer than GOD wealth do NOT want to share it with you. They're so afraid of losing their money and power they'd rather you die than have even an ounce of it.
Hell, Donald Trump has problems, he shits on a toilet bowl made of GOLD. FFS...

I get what you're saying, I really do. "Money doesn't buy happiness", blah blah blah. Yes money does not automatically guarantee you'll have a wonderful life. Thing is, those loaded people of the world have their lives so facilitated that their problem are entirely inconsequential in a great, great many a case. Compared to mine, compared to yours.

If you WERE rich, you wouldn't have to clean or even work every day. You'd have all the free time in the world to do what matters, and that's being with your kids. Just because they're too stupid to make it work while having a litteral TON of means we do not have is NOT our faults.
Or working on your ex being more active in your kids lives, but that doesn't depend on you, but on him getting his priorities straight (although you being loaded, it would probably take him 20 minutes to pop back in; people are like that).
Like I read a bit earlier, it would lube up your life to make it so much slicker you'd be much happier. I wish it was NOT the world we live in but it is, and people who think themselves superior to you, to all of us, have made sure over millenia that's exactly what we tell ourselves every single day. While we know we wouldn't need three houses and five cars to be happy in life, we could all afford to not work anymore if people who don't think themselves superior to us when they REAAAALLLLYYY aren't, actually GAVE their money to the people instead of buying their 300th Porsche, having sex parties with minors (Trump's "unauthorized stalker" wrote a book about it years ago, that man should be in a cell) or trying to deliver freaking cars to Mars for no reason except that they CAN. And they have the GALL to give not even 1% of their charity for the poor and say they don't OWE anyone more than that?!? They should give it ALL; they're responsible for it! I'm not talking about a dude who works 40 hours a week and makes 100k, I'm talking about the world's 200+/- billionnaires who could LITERALLY bring everyone out of debt. 200 assholes that would rather kill everyone than share. Not to mention our respective governements, who buttscrew us every chance they get but by weapons and missiles for terrorists, just so they can get a brand new car...

Meanwhile some people in some parts of the world, some KIDS aren't eating three meals a day...while we smile, pay taxes to rich people ripping us off and tell ourselves we're happier than them?
Sorry, no. I'm not buying that.
You might think that and that's fine, because so do I. Money doesn't buy happiness. I've always believed that.
But I also say that that's what we've been programmed into for CENTURIES by people who think they are better than us. They don't WANT us to want more, because they're afraid of losing everything that they have. Far easier stomping all of us in the ground.
They aren't. We're better than them. Eventually we'll have to change something, because if things keep going in this direction, planet Earth is NOT going to end well.

Problems of relative affluence, indeed! Surely, we've all heard of Maslow's Pyramid Hierarchy of Needs: Once extrinsic survival needs are met, people become free to consider deep intrinsic needs. And this is not ingratitude. I expound upon my own frustrated aspirations, seeking likeminded prospective collaboration partners, on my website: FoolQuest.com


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Sep 20, 2018
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a time machine or maybe just some device or portal which will allow me to travel to a parallel universe
where a happier and more successful version of me exists, bash that version of me in the head and take over their (my) life. 😱

no I jest, of course not!

truth is I don't know, I'm struggling trying to figure out what I truly want.


Dec 31, 2021
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I think being able to untangle the mess. Right now, life feels like one giant ball of steel wool; relationships, family, work, loss, change... the whole gambit.
Also figuring out why I always end up in the same role time and again so I can beat that part out of myself and hopefully end up not feeling this way....again.


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Mar 15, 2015
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pussy pussy fucking pussy

There is such a thing as decorum when you're online or in real life. Maybe in this coming year you will learn just a little of it.

Back to the topic. I think what would make my life better is to have someone to talk to and share it with. But now that I think about it I believe what would really make my life better is the courage and ability to go out and do that.

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