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Apr 25, 2021
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Lincoln UK
Would you rather watch tv or read a book?
Surely it depends what is on TV and what is in the book. However, generally speaking, there isn't much on TV that isn't superficial and dumbed down. I think I am more likely to find a book containing something of substance than a TV channel. On the other hand watching TV is passive and requires no effort. I think it is often nice to do neither but live in the present in the real world.
Mar 21, 2020
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In my mind
I've never read a book cover to cover. I always gotten bored reading. I usually get frustrated and angry because things move so slowly. I tried power reading. But, that just seemed stupid to me. I'm a give me the damn facts kind of guy. I don't need someone else creating a picture for me. I have a very good imagination. I can't create my own imagery very quickly. When I read she's hot. I'm all set. I don't need five pages describing every aspect of her or whatever it happens to be.

Even many of the technical programming books I've purchased caused me grief. I don't want or need the theory behind it all. I just need to know what does what. Then I can figure out how to put everything together on my own.

Oh, so, I guess you can put me down for watching TV, a show, or a movie instead of reading a book. Ha! ha!

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