Wish I could play my childhood PC games

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Ima Lone

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Jan 3, 2023
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South America
play old computer games online

Just a search result but you may
find something there worthwhile.

Me, I like using emulation to play
NES, Atari 2600 and many other
games but there is a bit of a learning
curve to it, at first. Look up Retroarch.
And you also can search for "abandonware"

Have fun, good luck!

user 135067

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Apr 28, 2016
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I think I still have all my old computers. I use them so long that no one wants them when I'm done with them. :D

So, my son and I are revitalizing an old win98 machine. I have an attic full of old game CDs.

I think games of old needed good game play to be of interests because graphics back then weren't good enough to give any sense of reality. They have bridged that gap. Games now can be completely realistic. I think it comes at a cost. Games aren't as imaginative as they were back in the day.

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